ValoClimb: Interactive climbing games for all ages

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July 4, 2024
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If you're in active indoor entertainment or climbing gym business, expanding the reach of your location is always a good idea. But not an easy one to do. Today we explore the benefits of targeting new potential visitors with interactive climbing games of ValoClimb, the augmented climbing wall.   

How can you choose a suitable attraction for your venue

Selecting the right attraction for climbing gyms and active indoor entertainment venues is crucial for enhancing visitor experience and ensuring operational efficiency. 

We listed some key considerations to help you evaluate potential attractions:

Firstly, assess the variety and difficulty levels of games offered. Attractions with a wide range of games make it easier to target different age groups and encourage repeated visits.

Next, consider the footprint and throughput. It's essential to balance these two metrics to ensure the attraction is both space-efficient and capable of handling sufficient player volume. For inspiration, explore examples of versatile installations, such as various setups of ValoClimb.

Another factor is the capacity for single-player and multiplayer modes. Opt for attractions that allow players to enjoy games together, as this enhances social interaction and increases throughput, maximizing your investment.

Additionally, inquire about the need for extra equipment like goggles, wearables, or sensors. These can add to operational costs due to the need for staff to manage, sanitize, and repair the equipment.

Lastly, consider the staffing requirements. An attraction that is easy to understand and operate without extensive staff involvement is ideal. This not only reduces costs but also ensures that players, especially children, can start playing quickly and safely, while parents can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

“There are the people who come specifically for ValoClimb, they’ll just keep playing, two, three, four times.” - Samantha Urmston, General Manager - Laser Quest Trafford Centre

The benefits of interactive climbing games that everyone loves

A kid enjoying climbing on augmented climbing wall of ValoClimb

In the ever-competitive world of entertainment and fitness, offering interactive attractions that cater to a wide demographic is crucial for success. By investing in climbing games that everyone loves, operators can create a thriving, inclusive environment that keeps visitors coming back for more.

Here are key reasons why:

#1 Increased repeat visits: 

By providing engaging and enjoyable experiences for visitors of all ages, operators can encourage more frequent return visits. A diverse audience means more consistent foot traffic.

#2 Inclusivity and safety: 

Climbing games that are accessible, safe and fun for everyone foster a sense of inclusivity. This enhances the community feel and ensures no one feels left out, whether they are climbing beginners or seasoned climbers.

#3 Broad appeal: 

Offering attractions that captivate both experienced climbers and children creates a versatile and dynamic environment. It ensures that there is something for everyone, making the location more attractive to families and mixed groups.

#4 Appealing to mixed groups: 

Venues with attractions for all ages become preferred destinations for groups with varied interests and skill levels. This broad appeal can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

#5 Competitive edge: 

Organizing competitions for visitors not only adds an exciting dimension to the experience but also fosters a healthy and fun atmosphere. With the help of Valo Motion’s eSports league, ValoLeague, you can easily offer private events and competitions in your venue. 

#6 Special events: 

Hosting private parties and birthday celebrations at a location that offers universally appealing attractions can be a significant revenue booster. These events bring in new customers and create memorable experiences that drive word-of-mouth referrals.

ValoClimb’s versatile climbing games cater all age groups

ValoClimb transforms a traditional climbing wall into an augmented reality experience, combining motion tracking and projected graphics for a unique and engaging attraction.

The Valo Motion game development team, passionate about fun and innovation, has crafted 11 incredible games for ValoClimb. With this extensive range of games, operators can ensure diverse experiences that attract new visitors and encourage repeat visits.

ValoClimb climbing games for kids and families

Four kids popping virtual balloons on ValoClimb, the augmented climbing wall while family and friend are watching

Hullaballoon offers a balloon-popping frenzy perfect for families with younger children. Suitable for ages 4 and up, this game includes a birthday mode that personalizes the experience by displaying the birthday child's name on the wall, accommodating up to four players.

Whack-a-Bat is a fun and engaging game designed for active kids and seasoned climbers alike. With its simple, intuitive gameplay suitable for ages 5 and up, it supports multiplayer and offers themed experiences for events like Halloween or birthdays. It can also be transformed into Whack-a-Bot, replacing bats with funny robots for a customized experience.

Astromania provides a space-themed adventure for kids aged 8 and up, where teams work together to protect Earth from meteorites. This game is ideal for themed birthday parties without the need for additional decorations, thanks to its immersive themes built into ValoClimb.

Short Circuit supports up to four players and involves connecting plugs to light up bulbs in a playful, cartoonish style. This game is a favorite among friend groups aged 9-12 and families, offering an electrifying adventure.

Shadowlings is a slow-paced puzzle game where players use their shadows to guide adorable characters back to their homes. Leveraging ValoClimb’s top-notch technology, this game provides a unique, less physically demanding experience that’s perfect for all ages.

Plankton offers an underwater adventure suitable for kids aged 6 and up. This visually delightful game carries an underlying message about caring for our planet and its creatures, making it a great party theme for nature-loving kids.

ValoClimb climbing games for sports enthusiasts and adults

Climball Legends is a dynamic, two-player game with a sporty vibe, ideal for sports enthusiasts. Perfect for small tournaments or group competitions, it’s a great option for local sports clubs and associations looking for unique private party experiences. This game also has an "arcade" version, Climball, which was released alongside the original augmented climbing wall.

Flash is a single-player speed-climbing game that’s easy to learn and provides an adrenaline rush, making it perfect for adult parties. Participants can create their own levels and challenges, making it a fantastic addition to corporate retreats, increasing repeat visits and generating positive word-of-mouth.

Sparks allows players to design their own levels, blending speed with puzzle elements. Groups can challenge each other to create the funniest or most challenging levels, complete with personalized names and internal jokes, making it an exciting option for adult groups and corporate events.

Augmented Routes serves as an excellent training tool for climbing enthusiasts. It allows visitors to create their own climbing challenges set against breathtaking natural backdrops, fostering a healthy, interactive session. These climbing problems are stored in ValoClimb, enabling other players to tackle them, enhancing the social experience.

With such a diverse range of games, ValoClimb ensures that there is something for everyone, making it a versatile and highly attractive option for any climbing gym or active indoor entertainment venue.

Why ValoClimb is perfect for climbing gyms and active indoor entertainment venues

ValoClimb’s innovative and diverse range of 11 unique climbing games are designed to captivate audiences of all ages, making it an ideal addition to both climbing gyms and active indoor entertainment venues. 

ValoClimb doesn’t require any special gear or additional staff, allowing venues to run smoothly without extra operational costs. The system is designed to be user-friendly and efficient, with automatic game updates and new games released each year to keep the experience fresh and exciting for visitors. ValoClimb also comes with a comprehensive Valo Motion service and customer support.

With ValoClimb’s photo booth functionality, climbers can save and share their adventures on social media, enhancing their experience and broadening the venue's brand reach through user-generated content.  

By integrating ValoClimb into your venue, you are investing in a cutting-edge, engaging, and highly versatile attraction that enhances visitor experience, promotes social interaction, and boosts your brand’s reach.  

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