Plankton – The dodging game for ValoClimb

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Sven Rösch
April 27, 2022
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Two interactive climbing walls side by side with one kid climbing on the left side and the parent climbing on the right side. They are playing ValoClimb game Plankton.

We launched the world's first dodging game for a climbing wall where the player navigates through a fantastic oceanic world while dodging appearing creatures and obstacles. 

The new game provides ValoClimb location owners with a completely new game experience to offer to their visitors. And it is unattended, all uploaded automatically, included in the service subscription. Hence scales a location's entertainment offering without the need to staff the unit or remodel the installation.

Plankton game expands beyond the physical playing wall. Game characters and obstacles are entering the climbing wall continuously, keeping players engaged and active. Other visitors are drawn to watch the play and are excitingly sharing the player's journey. 

Now dive into the amazing world of Plankton

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The new game distinguishes itself from other games by offering a whole new theme and game characters with which your visitors can engage. Prepare to weave through coral tunnels, swivel around sharks and avoid the tentacles of the giant sea creature. Some of the levels contain characters that detect the player at the wall, hence the experience will be different for each player and encourages repeat play.

Plankton is a single-player interactive playing game that offers three difficulty levels to encourage players with various skill levels to try them over and over until they get a perfect run. The game is playable for experienced climbers and those trying it out for the first time. Hence enjoyable for the whole family and company retreats. The visuals attract visitors to watch and follow the gameplay of other players. 

“The game was originally designed due to a love of old school style “bullet hell” video games like Ikaruga, The Touhou Series, and Cuphead. The game is not only fun to play, but also fun to watch." says game developer, Lassi Vapaakallio.

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