Boost indoor entertainment revenue with birthday parties

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Ulla Järvinen
April 18, 2023
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A cheerful kid on augmented reality climbing wall with the ValoClimb happy birthday theme

Birthday parties can be a significant source of revenue for active indoor entertainment. As an operator, you can maximize your ROI by offering unique and exciting experiences, like ValoClimb, the augmented climbing wall. 

In this blog post, we'll discuss how to arrange birthday parties and benefit from ValoClimb, an engaging and versatile attraction that appeals to a wide range of age groups and skill levels.

Three kids climbing on augmented climbing wall with projected colorful balloon game

Maximize revenue with ValoClimb birthday parties

ValoClimb's compact design allows it to fit into relatively small spaces, making it an excellent addition to your facility without taking up too much valuable floor space. With its appealing size-to-revenue ratio, ValoClimb can quickly become one of the most profitable attractions in your park.

Other ideas to mention of why is profitable: 

  • You can set up pay-per-play modes 
  • Materials are durable, low maintenance cost 
  • It already has 9 games on it, so it’s more than just one attraction, is 9. And Valo Motion invests on developing and launching new games 
  • More than one player at a time reduces waiting time, increases the fun for the player and delivers repeatability as we demonstrated on this paper

Games for everyone 

Left side: adult playing ValoClimb’s Flash game. Right side: small kid on the climbing wall playing Whack-A-Bat game.

ValoClimb offers a diverse range of games suitable for children, teens, adults, and even climbing enthusiasts. The easy-to-play games are perfect for kids' birthday parties, while the more sporty and competitive options cater to older guests seeking a challenge. 

Birthdays are a special time for celebration. That’s why our game Hullabaloon for ValoClimb comes with a special Birthday mode! This game mode is a shorter and faster version of the game that is perfect for birthday parties. This way you can get even more throughput at your active indoor entertainment center when organizing birthday parties. Additionally, the mode adds a personalized touch at the end of each game, by displaying the name of the person whose birthday it is. As an operator, you can unlock the birthday mode in Hullabaloon by creating birthday codes from the Valo Motion Operations Hub and hand them out to customers. If you are interested in learning more about how to access and use the birthday mode in Hullabaloon, you can find detailed instructions on our support site.

The 2-player mode encourages friendly competition and adds an extra layer of fun to the experience. Check out this playlist full of ValoClimb games’ videos.

Two adults playing ValoClimb competitive Climball game at an indoor entertainment center.

6 tips for hosting birthday parties (or group events!) with ValoClimb

To successfully incorporate ValoClimb into your birthday party offerings, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a dedicated ValoClimb area: Create a designated space for ValoClimb within your facility with clear signage.
  2. Create party packages: Develop different party room packages that include ValoClimb as a primary attraction, with options for various age groups and interests. Consider offering add-ons like food, drinks, and party favors. Or charge 1 or 2 € extra on the ticket of each party participant and the group gets for e.g. 15 min time slot to play ValoClimb.
  3. Take part in ValoLeague:  With the help of ValoLeague, our active eSports league, you can easily use ValoApp and seasonal challenges to offer custom group competitions. This eSports tool can even attract more new visitors to your venue. 
  4. Market your ValoClimb parties and group events: Promote your ValoClimb birthday parties on your website, social media channels, and email newsletters. Showcase the unique and engaging experience that ValoClimb offers to entice potential customers. 
  5. Broaden your reach with user-generated content: ValoClimb comes with a built-in photo booth functionality that enables your guests to share their in-game videos after the event on their social media channels.
  6. Collect feedback: Encourage party attendees to provide feedback on their ValoClimb experience. Use this information to make improvements and refine your party offerings.
Three kids standing in front of climbing wall with ValoClimb birthday party mode on.

Valo Motion develops the party offering with player feedback

Valo Motion also arranges private events and birthday parties at the event venue ValoHalli, Helsinki, Finland, to collect player feedback on our products. 

ValoHalli is our own party and sports venue that can be booked for a variety of activities, from corporate events to birthday parties. At ValoHalli, you can catch birthday balloons, whack-a-bat, or create your routes at the augmented reality climbing wall ValoClimb!

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