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Revolutionize entertainment in shopping malls with cutting-edge, space-efficient, and proven attractions.

Augmented climbing wall, ValoClimb on the right at Big Cedar Lodge resort in the USA

Solutions designed for your retail success

Interior rendering, showing ValoArena inside an entertainment venue with seating opportunities and party rooms in the background.


Mixed reality playground

Offer your customers a free-roam playground for up to 6 players that combines high-quality video games with full-body movement. No gear needed and easy to play. ValoArena delivers an immersive staff-free experience to keep your overhead and onboarding costs low.

  • Space-efficient: 64 m² (688 ft²) footprint & 3.1 m (10.1 ft) ceiling height.
  • Family-friendly: Ideal for kids from 4 year old, their parents, and teenagers.
  • Repeat play: Multiple game titles & levels keep customers coming back.
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Interior rendering showing multiple ValoJump air in front of a wall with hexagonal decorations.

ValoJump air

Mixed reality jumping game

An award winning game platform that combines jumping on air tracks with captivating high-definition graphics. This turnkey solution turns players into video game characters. It is perfect for expanding your entertainment business into shopping malls.

Lower insurance costs: Requires only 3.5 m (12 ft) ceiling height.
  • High throughput: Up to 45 players/hour in just 15-45 m² (160-480 ft²) space.
  • Plug-and-play: Fully automated with no extra staff or wearables needed.
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Interior rendering with close up on 2 ValoClimb. Space around with colorful wall decorations and seating opportunities.


Augmented reality climbing games

Transform bouldering into a superhero-like experience with ValoClimb. This immersive platform accommodates up to 4 players simultaneously, making it perfect for birthday parties and competitions. Without the need of any extra staff or harnesses it reduces your operational costs and risks.

  • Compact footprint: as small as 11 m² (120 ft²) floor space with 3.5 m (12 ft) ceiling height.
  • High replay value: 10 game titles, multiple levels & special event themes.
  • Wide appeal: Immersive gameplay for kids, beginners & climbing enthusiasts.
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You've got the operational know-how

Now expand into retail with our proven attractions that merge sports & video games

Ideal for small spaces & low ceilings

Transform even the most compact spaces, from 400 to 1000 square meters, with only a 3.5-meter ceiling height requirement, into high-utilization immersive entertainment zones.

Drive revenue with party bookings

Transform your space into an active, immersive birthday party venue, attracting families, extending their dwell time, and promoting repeat visits.

Easy automated operations

Simplify the operations at your venue with self-operating game platforms, ensuring a smooth experience with minimal staff intervention.

Interior rendering with view of 2 ValoClimb surrounded by modern furniture, plants and people.

Introducing ValoPark, an active entertainment concept for retail

Have you ever considered expanding your leisure business into shopping malls but felt held back by space constraints and operational challenges? ValoPark is your answer. This brand new concept is designed specifically to help you succeed in the retail environment, even with limited floor space and low ceiling heights. By combining Valo Motion's proven active mixed-reality attractions with your operational expertise, ValoPark empowers you to create an immersive entertainment experience that attracts diverse audiences. Plus, with built-in party rooms, you can tap into additional income streams and keep your customers coming back for more.

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