About us

Founded in 2016, Valo Motion is a Finnish game company that designs, develops, and manufactures cutting-edge interactive MR/AR games and technology that help people find the joy of exercise. We believe that high-quality products should be developed with smiles and passion for sports and games. Our company name Valo Motion comes from the Finnish word "valo", meaning light, which is central to our products. Our products ValoArena, ValoJump, and ValoClimb are known for their high-quality and innovative design. They are used in a variety of settings, including theme parks, arcades, and activity parks as well as in hospitality and retail locations. In 2023, Valo Motion introduced ValoPark, a mixed-reality mini-amusement park designed for high-traffic retail spaces, offering an engaging, active entertainment experience that fits within small footprints.

Valo Motion team gathered at the Helsinki headquarters, happy and holding hands into the air.

Valo Motion HQ

Kiviaidankatu 2, 00210 Helsinki, Finland

Map screenshot with Valo Motion HQ address in Helsinki, Finland

Got questions? We’ve got answers

What is Valo Motion's founding story?

We at Valo Motion are game developers and hardware manufacturers, Our mixed-reality attractions combine sports and high-quality digital games. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. Valo Motion started in the company Founder Raine Kajastila's Post-Doctoral research at Aalto University in Finland. Read our founding story in our blog.

What are Valo Motion's values?

We want to empower kids, adults and athletes around the world to find the joy of movement.

Where is Valo Motion based in?

Valo Motion's headquarters are based in Helsinki, Finland but we operate globally. Valo Motion has installed over 1000 products in over 65 countries!

How many game plays does Valo Motion have daily around the world?

Valo Motion has an average of 150,000 game plays per day and peaking currently at 220,000 on most busy days!

What kind of games does Valo Motion create and how are they updated?

All of Valo Motion's products come with several thrilling interactive games preinstalled and new content is developed regularly. This means that the attraction stays fresh and players have more games and features to enjoy each time they come back. We automatically update your system via our cloud service to save you time.

What is ValoLeague?

ValoLeague is the first-ever Active eSports League for mixed reality climbing walls and trampolines. Location visitors can become members of ValoLeague to share their best sports videos online and win awesome prizes! We are rolling out new challenges for each season.

How many employees does Valo Motion have?

Valo Motion has currently over 30 team members globally. We are continuously growing and hiring more curious professionals to offer even better games and services.

How can I apply for a job at Valo Motion?

You can apply for a job on our careers page. We also publish open positions in Linkedin.