Climball Legends for ValoClimb

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Prakhar Sharma
May 23, 2024
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You loved the original Climball game that took the internet by storm. Now, get ready to boost the appeal of your venue with Climball Legends - the epic sequel that brings enhanced gameplay, cutting-edge motion tracking, and a true sports vibe to ValoClimb. A fun and active experience for ages 8 and above.

The Climball legacy continues

Around seven years ago, the original Climball game was released for ValoClimb. Its gameplay videos went insanely viral, racking up hundreds of millions of views and putting Valo Motion on the map as a pioneer of augmented reality sports games. After years of technological advancements to ValoClimb’s skeletal tracking technology and insights from Climball fans, we are proud to unveil Climball Legends—a sequel that pays tribute to the original while upgrading the overall experience.

Our CEO, Dr. Raine Kajastila, expressed his excitement by saying,

Climball Legends represents our dedication to creating immersive and active experiences that motivate people to move and have fun. Building on the tremendous success of the original Climball, this sequel retains the addictive thrill while introducing dynamic new elements like freeform hitting mechanics and enhanced motion tracking. We can't wait for ValoClimb owners and their guests to have fun while climbing and compete to become a legend."
Two players competing in Climball Legends game of ValoClimbe, the augmented realit climbing wall

A legendary upgrade

Climball Legends takes the essence of the original pinball-meets-air-hockey-meets-climbing concept and elevates it with innovative freeform hitting mechanics. Climbers must outmaneuver their opponents and score a goal with the ball. The strength and direction of each hit influence the ball's velocity and spin. 

The game introduces freeform hitting mechanics that accurately track players' limb positions and the strength at which they hit the ball, using our proprietary advanced motion tracking, making the game more dynamic, fast-paced, and exciting.

With its dynamic, fast-paced gameplay, Climball Legends lowers the entry barrier for beginners while at the same time, providing a higher skill ceiling for experienced climbers. At launch, three game modes are available: the standard "Pro" mode with one ball, the intense "Multiball" mode featuring two balls simultaneously in play, and the “Low” mode with a shortened height of the climbing wall so younger players can also enjoy it.

Collage image showcasing different player moves from Climbal Legends.

Feel like a Champion

Whether playing head-to-head against a friend or squaring off against an AI opponent in a single-player showdown, Climball Legends will make your guests feel like sports superstars. When they score incredible goals and execute last-second saves, the virtual crowd will roar, celebrating their victories. It's a perfect and safe way to build friendly rivalries and compete on an indoor climbing wall.

The best part about the game is that it appeals to both casual and competitive players across different age groups. There is something for everyone as ball sports enthusiasts will love the realistic ball physics and interactivity. Competitive spirits will find endless challenges in mastering opponents in multiplayer and beating the AI when playing alone. Even casual players who enjoy open-ended gameplay can freely experiment with hitting the ball in creative ways.

"Sports with balls have followed humans through our history, and Climball Legends taps into this natural fascination with them. Watching a ball physically bounce around on the wall is inherently exciting - like hoping the Windows screensaver clock hits the corner of the screen." said Zsombor Szabó, the Lead Developer of the game, "After our previous game Short Circuit, which was more static, I wanted to experiment with dynamic gameplay that prompts a base human instinct to hit the ball and see what happens."

A perfect fit for your venue

Four simple yet compelling reasons why you must have Climball Legends available at your venue:

  1. Visually stunning, dynamic, and sporty climbing game:  Climball Legends is a perfect addition to any venue housing the ValoClimb platform. The game caters to a wide range of players and will attract visitors across various demographics to your venue. Experienced climbers can enjoy the challenge of scaling the wall for well-aimed shots, while casual players can run and jump on the floor, occasionally reaching for the ball. This makes it accessible for a wide range of skill levels.

  2. Predictable throughout with fixed game duration: The game sessions are designed for efficiency, with each match lasting approximately 75 seconds. In the event of a tie, a 15-second overtime period is added, during which the ball becomes progressively faster until a goal is scored with the last ball in play. This ensures that games always end with a goal. The fixed length of the initial match time ensures predictable throughput for your venue, accommodating both single and multiplayer experiences.

  1. Host exciting competitions at your venue: The best way to become the talk of your town is by capitalizing on Climball Legends to host local tournaments at your venue and inviting target audience to participate in groups (schools, families, etc.). Climball Legends is approachable for casual and younger players while providing a challenging experience for experts. This makes it perfect for organizing tournaments and events that can draw in crowds and create an exciting atmosphere.

  2. Encourages Repeat Play: The game is designed to fit various play styles and your preferred monetization method (open access, pay-to-play, birthday party mode) and to encourage repeat play, especially for larger groups. Players can even form ad-hoc competitions among themselves, creating a lively environment that entertains both participants and spectators. This feature is great for increasing guest engagement and ensuring that your visitors keep coming back for more.

And don’t forget, all of these are in addition to the benefits that the ValoClimb system comes with, like no need for wearables (harnesses, ropes, etc.) or other equipment, as players are welcome to play in climbing shoes or just socks, making it accessible to everyone. It also offers a great size-to-revenue ratio and low overhead costs because you do not need anyone attending/operating the system during your opening hours. Plus you can boost your revenue with birthday parties using special birthday party mode on selected ValoClimb games.

Regularly added new features and tools maximize the attraction's overall lifespan, keeping it fresh and exciting. Most importantly, ValoClimb games are designed to support healthy lifestyles, the experience economy, and shareability, meeting the latest consumer demands.

By adding Climball Legends to your ValoClimb setup, you're not only enhancing your attraction but also ensuring your venue stays ahead of the competition with the latest cutting-edge offerings.

The journey of every Legend starts here…

Climball Legends will be available for ValoClimb starting May 20, 2024. Get ready to climb onto the wall, compete against friends and foes, and etch your name in Climball legend history.

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