Your guide to the
Valo Motion service

Effortless, worry-free operation with Valo Motion service and customer support. Benefit from automatic updates, new games and a multitude of marketing tools to boost your brand visibility. All of our products come with a comprehensive service coverage.

24/7 Customer Success

24/7 availability via phone, chat, email or online support. Continuous software maintenance and health checks for worry-free operations. Remote technical support, best practices and training.

Operations Hub

Operate your Valo Motion attraction remotely, automate the operation with schedules to save time and overhead costs. Increase your visibility with built-in selfie videos and other marketing tools

Lifetime game updates

Extend attraction longevity and reduce lifetime cost. New games, levels and features are released regularly. Meticulous game design effortlessly responds to the latest consumer demands.

Events & competitions

Grow your event business by creating competitions and group entertainment. Merge fun, sports and video creation with ValoLeague & ValoApp to boost repeat visits and attract new generations of customers.