Upgrade your park with award-winning attractions

Give the new generations highly immersive experiences

Augmented climbing wall, ValoClimb on the right at Big Cedar Lodge resort in the USA
Doubled setup of ValoJump the mixed reality trampoline with two kids jumping on trampoline and many watching at Gravity Station (Stacja Grawitacja) Poland

Gamify your trampolines to maximise their appeal

Revolutionalize trampolines with ValoJump

Make your trampoline park stand out with the fan-favorite - ValoJump, and transform ordinary trampolines into interactive 2-player mixed reality gaming attractions. By encouraging friendly competitions with engaging gameplay, deliver unique entertainment experiences that set you apart.

Two kids climbing and popping balloons on augmented climbing wall playing immersive game, Hullaballoon of ValoClimb

Drive repeat play with birthday parties and competitions

Boost visibility and ROI with social play

Boost your brand's visibility with the built-in video booths in all our attractions. Leverage the birthday party mode in games to add a unique touch to your group events. Tap into the power of ValoLeague, our eSports league, by hosting competitive events and diversify your revenue streams.

Four players playing happily inside award winning mixed reality arena ValoArena

Attract and engage diverse age groups

Amplify your entertainment offerings

Make your park a one-of-a-kind destination by introducing ValoClimb's augmented climbing wall, ValoJump's interactive trampoline, and ValoArena's mixed-reality playground. These cutting-edge, mixed-reality attractions add fresh elements of active play to your park, perfect for catering guests of all ages.

Customer testimonials

Hear from activity park owners who are enjoying Valo Motion's solutions.

"ValoClimb gives us WOW factor."

Dustin Pelletier

Founder & CEO (Missouri, USA)

"We love ValoJump, there’s nothing else like it."

Grady Hinchman

Operating Partner (Florida, USA)

Our recommended attractions

ValoArena installation in 3D renderValoArena mixed-reality multiplayer arena in black and orange

Mixed reality playground

ValoArena is a multiplayer arena that uses Valo Motion’s camera technology which eliminates the headsets and hand-held controllers.

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ValoJump double setup in 3D renderValoJump mixed-reality trampoline and air matt games logo in black and green

Jump into the game

In ValoJump the players see themselves on the screen while jumping on the trampoline. They are able to interact directly with the games.

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ValoClimb product render, interactive augmented reality climbing wall with climbing gamesValoClimb augmented climbing wall logo in black and blue

Supercharge climbing walls

ValoClimb is a gaming platform for climbing walls. Players are not limited to playing with ready made games but can create their own climbing routes.

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Case studies

“It’s a 12/10 product and 100% worth the investment.”

“ValoJump is really fun for any age.”

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