Diversify your gym with ValoClimb

Embrace a new era of interactive climbing experience

Augmented climbing wall, ValoClimb on the right at Big Cedar Lodge resort in the USA
A climber climbing on augmented climbing wall ValoClimb to play Sparks game

Gamify your climbing walls to engage climbers of all ages

Innovate and appeal to all climbers

With ValoClimb, make your climbing gym stand out by turning traditional bouldering walls into interactive augmented reality gaming wall. Captivate climbers of all skill levels with engaging games and unique challenges like speed climbing, endurance training, etc., that encourage repeat visits, exceed expectations, and help create memorable experiences.

Two kids climbing on augmented climbing wall playing Hullaballoon, an immersive game of ValoClimb

Attract new members, improve retention and host events

Expand your services for a greater ROI

Keep your customers entertained, engaged, and eager for more by arranging birthday parties and group events at your climbing gym. With the birthday party mode in ValoClimb games and our eSports league, ValoLeague, diversifying your revenue streams through unforgettable events is easier than ever. Plus, being fully automated, ValoClimb does not require help from staff in its daily operation, thus reducing its operational costs.

A climber on augmented climbing wall playing Augmented Route game of ValoClimb

Boost endurance & technique through fun

Promote safe skill development

ValoClimb inspires climbers of all skill levels to push their boundaries in an enjoyable and safe environment. The augmented climbing wall eliminates the need for harnesses or dedicated staff, allowing climbers to simply walk in and start playing. The interactive augmented reality games on ValoClimb enable climbers to create an endless number of routes safely and practice various techniques. The integrated video feedback further supports training by offering valuable insights to enhance their climbing skills.

Customer testimonials

Hear from Climbing Gym owners that successfully use Valo Motion's solutions.

"I saw ValoClimb as a way to take climbing to the next level.”

Andreas Huber

CEO (Weyarn, Germany)

"We’ve had ValoClimb up and running for years and it’s really easy to operate and whenever we’ve needed help, the customer service has been excellent."

Henna Mäkinen

Owner of Boulderkeskus (Helsinki, Finland)

Our recommended attractions

ValoArena installation in 3D renderValoArena mixed-reality multiplayer arena in black and orange

Mixed reality playground

ValoArena is a multiplayer arena that uses Valo Motion’s camera technology which eliminates the headsets and hand-held controllers.

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ValoJump double setup in 3D renderValoJump mixed-reality trampoline and air matt games logo in black and green

Jump into the game

In ValoJump the players see themselves on the screen while jumping on the trampoline. They are able to interact directly with the games.

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ValoClimb product render, interactive augmented reality climbing wall with climbing gamesValoClimb augmented climbing wall logo in black and blue

Supercharge climbing walls

ValoClimb is a gaming platform for climbing walls. Players are not limited to playing with ready made games but can create their own climbing routes.

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Case studies

"Setting up ValoClimb was basically plug-and-play."

“We LOVE new games and modes that keep coming out.”

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