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Deliver unmatched fun with interactive mixed-reality games

Augmented climbing wall, ValoClimb on the right at Big Cedar Lodge resort in the USA
Three children having a blast inside ValoArena, the mixed reality arena for multiplayers

Entertainment to thrill kids, teens, and adults alike

Mixed reality fun for everyone

Valo Motion’s immersive, interactive attractions—ValoClimb, ValoJump, and ValoArena—offer a unique mixed-reality experience unlike any other. Keep your visitors engaged, entertained, and eager to return for more with Valo Motion's proprietary, one-of-a-kind games.

A kid climbing while playing Shadowlings game on ValoClimb the immersive augmented climbing wall

Minimize operational costs; no wearables required

Fully-automated and easy-to-operate attractions

Valo Motion's fully automated attractions require no headsets or controllers, offering easy entry to fun for guests. With low operational costs and 24/7 support, you provide seamless entertainment experiences while optimizing your operating efficiency.

Two kids watching and cheering a kid jumping on air matt playing immersive mixed reality game of ValoJump

Boost your ROI with birthday parties and group events

Leverage social events and drive repeat play

Maximize your profits by hosting unforgettable birthday parties and competitive events with ValoJump and ValoClimb, backed by our eSports league, ValoLeague. With over 175,000 plays per day globally, Valo Motion products have proven their ability to deliver high throughput and effortless fun.

Customer testimonials

Hear from FEC owners that successfully use Valo Motion's solutions.

"ValoJump has taken Play Factore to another level in terms of technology at a family entertainment center."

Fawad Munir

Founder and CEO (Manchester, UK)

“We were so impressed by the first ValoArena, so we bought a second one for another location.”

Chris Kimlingen

Manager of Operations (New York, USA)

Our recommended attractions

ValoArena installation in 3D renderValoArena mixed-reality multiplayer arena in black and orange

Mixed reality playground

ValoArena is a multiplayer arena that uses Valo Motion’s camera technology which eliminates the headsets and hand-held controllers.

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ValoJump double setup in 3D renderValoJump mixed-reality trampoline and air matt games logo in black and green

Jump into the game

In ValoJump the players see themselves on the screen while jumping on the trampoline. They are able to interact directly with the games.

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ValoClimb product render, interactive augmented reality climbing wall with climbing gamesValoClimb augmented climbing wall logo in black and blue

Supercharge climbing walls

ValoClimb is a gaming platform for climbing walls. Players are not limited to playing with ready made games but can create their own climbing routes.

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Case studies

“Stable product with impact on throughput.”

“You will love to play it with your whole family.”

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