We have winners for ValoLeague season 7

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Ulla Järvinen
March 30, 2023
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ValoLeague eSports Season 7 winner announcement with screenshots of ToyWatch and Hullaballoon games for ValoJump and ValoClimb

Our eSports fitness league, ValoLeague, finished its season 7. Discover why Hullaballoon and ToyWatch were the season's stars, and enjoy the winners’ videos. 

Our active eSports league ValoLeague ended its season 7 on 28 February 2023. It’s been an incredible season with players skyrocketed to over 24.000 registered users globally. And also incredibly social, with our gamers sharing 10.000 videos, that have reached more than 40.000 views within 135 countries

Hullaballoon and ToyWatch were the stars of the 7th season 

ValoLeague’s players had the opportunity to compete with two of our most popular interactive games: Hullaballoon and ToyWatch

Two climbers hang in an interactive climbing wall full of colourful balloons that they need to pop in the climbing game Hullaballoonh

Hullaballoon for ValoClimb sets the player in front of a climbing wall full of colorful balloons. The balloons float like bubbles, and when the player hits them, they can disappear or multiply, multiplying the fun and the challenge.  Hullaballoon is perfect for ages 5-99, and it offers a cooperative multiplayer mode that makes gamers explode in laughs. 

We proudly announce this season's winner of the ValoClimb eSports league: Zarzork, competing in our client’s location, Baltic Rocks in Germany. Please don’t miss this incredible video of their perfect two-player game in the augmented climbing wall. The second place went to an Leol playing Hullaballoon in Altitude Gym

On ValoJump, the star of season 7 has been ToyWatch. After building a fantastic sand castle on your dreamy beach, silly beach toys start trying to attack your masterpiece. Of course, you must jump into them to avoid the disaster.  

Our big congratulations to the winner of this season, Sadra, who competed in Yoump, a trampoline park in Sweden. And, of course, to the second place, which went to another great jumper, also in Yoump. Check the second place’s video here>>

Winners of ValoLeague season 7 eSports competition playing Toywatch: Crazy Mode game for ValoJump, the mixed reality trampoline
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A single player in the augmented climbing wall, ValoClimb, plays the colorful HullaBalloon game for ValoLeague Season 7

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