Short Circuit for ValoClimb

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Prakhar Sharma
June 16, 2023
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Logo of Short Circuit, new game of ValoClimb

We are happy to announce - “Short Circuit”, an immersive augmented reality game for our interactive climbing wall, ValoClimb.

In this game, players are scientists solving circuit puzzles using their bodies as conduits on the augmented climbing wall to light up lamps and score points. With up to 4 players able to join or leave the climbing wall at any time, Short Circuit ensures non-stop fun.

Designed for climbers aged 8 and above, Short Circuit is an inclusive, multiplayer experience that invites friends and families to collaborate in unique new ways on the climbing wall.

4 players trying Short Circuit game in ValoClimb augmented climbing wall

The 10th game in the ValoClimb library

Short Circuit is a testament to Valo Motion's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating diverse, enjoyable experiences in the realm of immersive entertainment. Short Circuit sets a new standard for exergames with its unique blend of physical activity, puzzle-solving, and cooperation.

3 players on augmented reality climbing wall connecting each other in Short Circuit game ValoClimb

In each playthrough, the game generates random new circuits for players to solve by completing the flow of electricity to the goal - a lightbulb. This repeats until the time runs out. During each level, the players will find three different game elements - buttons, sockets, and gates - blocking the electricity flow required to light up the goal. Buttons need to be held on to forward electricity, sockets are pairs of broken cables that need to be physically connected through the player’s body, and gates have multiple cables connected to them, all of which need to be powered for the gate to output power. Once a circuit is completed, a lightbulb powers up and players are granted electrons for activating the puzzle elements. These electrons are then converted into a score at the end of the game.

“Like Twister, but on a climbing wall”

What truly sets Short Circuit apart is its seamless accessibility. The game utilizes Valo Motion’s revolutionary player detection system, allowing players to join or leave at any point during the game without causing disruption or requiring a reset. The ValoClimb augmented climbing wall automatically adjusts to accommodate new participants, dynamically updating levels and challenges based on the number of players involved. Short Circuit is also designed to automatically adapt to the player's height so that kids and adults can play together.

This flexibility embodies Valo Motion’s core values of movement and teamwork. In Short Circuit, the score is only tracked for the whole group, not individually. Players can improvise, swap positions, help each other out with a button they are struggling with, and spectators can contribute by pointing out buttons players missed and occasionally jumping in to help for a moment.

The lead game developer Zsombor Szabó explains it best when sharing his inspiration behind Short Circuit:

“The ValoClimb appeals to many ages and player groups, so we wanted to create a game that can be appealing to as wide an audience as possible. Playing on the ValoClimb with friends is a lot of fun, so we wanted to create a game where a larger group could collaborate, with players jumping in and out of the game. This game provides a unique mode of interaction with the wall: finding poses and holding onto them, a bit like Twister, but on a climbing wall.

While Mizuko Matsumura, the lead artist of Short Circuit shed light on its distinct art style:

“After several iterations, where we tried everything from simple vector art, watercolor art styles, and cartoon-style space monsters…, we settled on the topic of circuits with the aesthetics of papercraft art. Circuits provide a clear goal, visible progression, and a scientific feel. Meanwhile, papercraft visuals are inviting to kids and nostalgic to adults. We found early on that most players resonated with smiley faces, as they bring some personality to the game.”

ValoClimb: A Leap from Academia to Global Entertainment

It is important to note that the release of Short Circuit on ValoClimb isn't just about a new game. In fact, it is a new chapter in the story of a platform that has revolutionized active entertainment worldwide.

The very first ValoClimb platform was born out of Valo Motion’s CEO - Dr. Raine Kajastila's post-doctoral research at Aalto University, Finland. It was his experience as a rock climbing instructor combined with his academic pursuits that culminated in the development of the first ValoClimb prototypes, all the way back in 2013. A couple of years later, after the first retail demo units of ValoClimb were installed, Dr. Raine built a team to form Valo Motion as a company centered on commercializing his post-doctoral research focused on augmented exercise and training applications.

Reflecting on the journey, Dr. Raine Kajastila noted:

"The Valo Motion team is proud that guests at locations with ValoClimb attractions around the world will soon have the opportunity to enjoy the unique Short Circuit experience with friends and family. We’ve never stopped innovating on ValoClimb since we first started shipping units in 2016. Short Circuit is the outcome of our ambition to push the boundary of technology to motivate people to move and have fun.”

Since then ValoClimb's influence has been undeniable. There are 442 units installed worldwide across 66 countries. These units have recorded over 380,142.64 hours of playtime, equivalent to 43 years of non-stop climbing. Each hour represents a testament to ValoClimb's contribution to creating engaging and healthy entertainment, with Short Circuit ready to add to that legacy.

Watch the Short Circuit trailer and see the latest adventure that is about to unfold on ValoClimb:

Business opportunities for Operators

The addition of Short Circuit to the extensive game library of ValoClimb has great tangible benefits for the operators of climbing gyms, active indoor entertainment centers and family entertainment centers (FECs).

Short Circuit accommodates 1 to 4 players per game, with each game session lasting approximately 90 seconds. This consistent game length enables efficient scheduling as well as a predictable high throughput for your facility. 

As the game is designed to be enjoyed in groups, it enhances the social play factor of your park and is, therefore, an ideal choice for birthday parties and events.

The fully automated ValoClimb platform requires zero staff or wearables, thus promising effortless operation. Additionally, Short Circuit integrates advanced technology that automatically and dynamically recognizes player counts and player heights, reducing the need for interaction with the touchscreen.

With the built-in photo booth functionality of ValoClimb, your customers can create selfie videos branded with your facility’s logo which acts as a powerful marketing tool for increasing your brand visibility through social media.

Short Circuit is designed to attract groups of visitors and encourage them to return. This complements your ValoClimb offering by providing opportunities for groups to play together, children to invite their parents to join in and hardcore players to challenge themselves for high scores.

2 kids hands together on augmented climbing wall while playing Short Circuit of ValoClimb

Short Circuit for ValoClimb

Short Circuit is an electrifying quest suitable for everyone above 8 years old and sparks collaboration to make you move with your loved ones on the augmented climbing wall.

So are you ready to turn up the voltage and connect all the circuits on the climbing wall?

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