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Mixed reality playground

The world’s first mixed reality playground for up to 6 players. An unattended play arena that combines high-quality video games and physical movement.

ValoArena product render

Social MR gaming

Our latest, most advanced, and fully automated attraction expands the horizon of the active gaming experience to groups.

Boost ROI

Visitors play ValoArena all the time. Supports one to six players in pay2play mode and has proven incredible utilization rates of up to 86% over 6 months for free2play.

Worry-free operation

Easy for guests to step in and play and above all, easy to operate. Requires zero staff to operate with automatic updates and controls.

For all ages

All of our games include multiple levels that challenge and test the skills of players of all ages. Perfect for families playing together!

Games as a service

Keep your offering fresh with our subscription model which includes regular game updates, new levels and game releases.

Social free-roam

With our full-body tracking technology, players can have free-roam VR-style experience without any wearables.

Control & analytics

Stay up to date with your attraction statistics, and updates! Offer unforgettable videos to your guest with our app.

Curious about sizing and specs?

We understand that different locations have limitations with space. Find out below if this attraction is a good fit for you.

Size & surface area
  • Floor space approx: 64m2 (688ft2)
  • Minimum ceiling height approx: 3,1m (10.1ft)
  • The ValoArena needs to mount on a stable and even surface
  • Weight per corner 200kg (440 lbs)
  • Indoor use only
Electrical & internet
  • 100-240V 50/60Hz (3.6kW)
  • Electrical outlet and internet nearby in a spot that is ONLY accessible to staff
  • Wired internet connection (minimum bandwidth 10Mbit)
  • The power will be split into two separate circuits. It can be connected to one or two outlets/fuses.
  • Required range: 10C - 25C (50F - 77F)
  • Adequate airflow around the ValoArena is important
  • Little lighting surrounding the structure
  • Placed away from big open windows that allow sunlight to pass through
  • No bright overhead ceiling lighting

Service and support from the people who know parks like yours the best

”Nowhere in the industry have I experienced the kind of support Valo Motion offers”. We give you one-stop customer service from experts, with most issues resolved in a single call.

Preview our extensive game library

Our exclusive multiplayer games are easy to learn and extremely fun to play.


Runway Zero

Toywatch island

Astro Blade

Operation: Money Grab

Got questions? We’ve got answers

What is the target age group for ValoArena?

ValoArena is suitable for any age group from 4-99, and ideal for 6-12 year olds and their parents.

What kind of operators and business models is ValoArena best suited for?

ValoArena is suited for any operator in indoor leisure. Both gated admission/Free-to-play and different pay-to-play options are supported.

How do I operate ValoArena?

ValoArena is easy to use and operated entirely by the players. No staff is needed, and no wearables are required.

Does ValoArena come with any extra marketing tools?

ValoArena players can create sharable play videos with the built-in photo booth functionality in all our products. It enables operators to boost their brand visibility with selfie videos. Operators can also run advertising on the product screens between gameplays. In addition to this, Valo Motion shares marketing collateral with customers.

What kind of ROI can I expect with ValoArena?

ValoArena has been designed with an ROI on 12 months or less in mind. This of course depends on the application in each business. Our sales would be happy to consult you on your business case.

What are operators charging their guests per game and person?

Based on our experience we suggest charging between €1-4 in Europe, and $1-5 in the United States per game and person. Lower the price is busier it will be attracting other players!

What is the hourly throughput for ValoArena

ValoArena's measured max capacity is approx 72 per hour.

How many plays does ValoArena produce in gated admission weekly?

On the holiday season, customers have seen 4000 plays per week on the gated admission/free2play business model.

Don’t take our word for it. Take theirs

“The system has been really easy to operate and is one of our most popular attractions. We have already ordered more systems.”

Grady Hinchman

Operating Partner Altitude Trampoline Park Kissimmee

"Nowhere in the industry have I experienced the kind of support Valo Motion offers. No matter what the issue is, we get help immediately."

Steffen Brunckhorst

CEO & Co-Founder of Abenteuerland

"Valo Motion is clear about what’s next, they are proactive about their roadmap. They are focused on being the best.”

Grady Hinchman

Operating Partner Altitude Trampoline Park Kissimmee

“We LOVE the product. I love the new games and new modes that come out. There’s a cool variety of games and having multiple levels make it fun.“

Dustin Pelletier

Franchise Owner Big Air Trampoline Park Spartanburg

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