Stomp Squad for ValoJump

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Prakhar Sharma
May 25, 2023
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Logo of Stomp Squad game of ValoJump, the award-winning mixed reality trampoline platform

We are delighted to announce a brand new multiplayer game for ValoJump - “Stomp Squad”.

As the name suggests, this cooperative title is a spin-off set in the vibrant universe of Super Stomp, one of ValoJump’s biggest breakthrough title. In this game, players must work together to stop Megafrog and his robots, who are envious of the technology of Stomp Lake City and are hellbent to bringing it down.

Stomp Squad is a thrilling experience for everyone aged 8 and above, making it perfect for trampoline parks and indoor playgrounds. With this exciting addition, ValoJump, our mixed-reality trampoline platform, now boasts a game library featuring a total of seven captivating experiences.

Two kids playing Stomp Squad game of ValoJump on two trampolines as their avatar showing on a big TV screen

Time to team-up

If you have been following our recent game releases, you must have noticed that, with all our new titles - Astro Blade, Operation: Money Grab and now Stomp Squad, Valo Motion has a strong emphasis on the multiplayer aspect. Rather than just adding new titles to each product, the game developers at Valo Motion have tried to inculcate different playing logics like collaboration, direct competition, team work, puzzle-solving, etc., in all of our new games. Therefore, Stomp Squad leads the way by adding collaboration to the ValoJump 2-player games.

As the lead game developer Bernhard Miettinen shared his inspiration behind Stomp Squad:

"With the current selection of ValoJump games primarily focused on single player experiences or competitive gameplay, we wanted to create a multiplayer cooperative action that expands the possibilities of ValoJump."

And Abhishek Jaiswal, the lead designer of Stomp Squad added:

“Super Stomp was our first multiplayer game where players could compete against each other, and till this day remains one of the bestsellers on ValoJump. That is why we decided to expand on the Super Stomp universe by creating this spin-off, only this time we wanted players to co-operate with each other and use their stomping skills to defeat a common enemy”
Two kids jumping inside mixed reality screen of Stomp Squad game of ValoJump as they trying to defeat a giant frog

Stomp Lake City is counting on you…

In Stomp Squad, Stomp Lake City faces imminent destruction as the envious MegaFrog sets out to destroy the advanced technology that sustains it. As the guardians of this cutting-edge technology, it is upto the players, to embark on a heroic mission and save Stomp Lake City from the clutches of the terrifying Megafrog. With each level, Megafrog sends his robot army to sabotage the crucial fuel lines of the player’s ship, in an attempt to halt their progress. So the mission is clear - strategically stomp on robot enemies to collect fuel and power up their ship, preparing for the ultimate showdown with Megafrog.

While the game offers an engaging single-player mode, the ultimate challenge lies in joining forces with friends and combining jumping skills to stop Megafrog’s reign of destruction and ensure the survival of the Stomp Lake City.

Watch the thrilling Stomp Squad trailer to get a glimpse of the action-packed adventure that awaits:

Jump, Stomp and Triumph together

The unique cooperative experience on ValoJump sets Stomp Squad apart from other multiplayer games. With it’s quick and fast-paced gameplay, lasting up to 2 minutes per session, Stomp Squad provides an immersive interactive adventure for players of all ages. As a bonus it provides additional challenges for those seeking to master its mechanics.

At Valo Motion, we strongly believe in the power of teamwork, and Stomp Squad perfectly embodies our core value of ‘Play as a team’. With its collaborative gameplay, the game encourages players to jump and move together, creating a social experience that enhances the fun for everyone involved.

By encouraging everyone to work together towards a common goal, Stomp Squad is designed to create a strong sense of connection and shared accomplishment among players. It is a perfect reflection of our commitment to the wellbeing of others, where supporting one another are not just values, but an integral part of the complete gameplay experience.

Advantages for Operators

As an operator of an active indoor entertainment centre, you are in for a treat with this latest addition to ValoJump’s lineup!

Stomp Squad is designed bring a host of benefits to your adventure park. This game is tailored for a wide range of visitors, whether they purchase single tickets, come as group or attend parties. The captivating gameplay is designed to bring visitors of all ages as well as encourage return visits.

As mentioned above, Stomp Squad introduces a fresh multiplayer experience that sets it apart from other games on ValoJump. The players will be eager to try the co-operative mode, where they can play with a friend instead of against them. This variety will ultimately lead to increased engagement and thus, more games played. Hence improving the overall product experience of ValoJump.

The game designers chose the robot-themed gameplay for Stomp Squad as it instantly grabs attention of children and keeps them coming back for more. The game also incorporates extra 3D elements and layers to ensure that your ValoJump stands out and feels refreshed.

Just like all other Valo Motion products, ValoJump and its diverse suite of games, including Stomp Squad, are designed to be hassle-free, requiring no attendants, headsets, or handheld controllers. This eliminates the need for expensive and trained staff, making it easier for you to run your park efficiently. Players can jump right into the action, enjoying the game in a hassle-free and self-guided manner.

Air matt with a kid jumping on op of it in front of a big screen showing the ValoJump game Stomp Squad.

Get your squad ready to stomp!

With its unique co-operative gameplay and thrilling storyline, Stomp Squad is an ideal adventure for players aged 8 and above. So, will you answer the call and become the hero that Stomp Lake City needs? Join forces with your friends, unite your powers, and stomp together to put an end to Megafrog's reign of destruction.

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