Operation: Money Grab for ValoArena

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Prakhar Sharma
April 24, 2023
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Operation Money Grab logo with blue buildings on the background and a criminal avatar running with a bag of money

We are proud to unveil our latest action adventure game for ValoArena - “Operation: Money Grab”. This immersive entertainment experience is inspired by Hollywood heist movies, in this game players team up with friends and immerse themselves in a daring heist while solving puzzles to seize valuable treasures at the Museum of Money.

Operation: Money Grab can be enjoyed by everyone aged 6 years old and above. As the game allows each player to play at their own pace, it is an absolute blast for teenagers and adults alike.

Four people playing Operation Money Grab, the heist theme game inside mixed reality game platform, ValoArena

Become the main character of your own adventure

Iconic Hollywood blockbusters such as Ocean's 11 and Now You See Me captivate audiences with their exciting action sequences and intense storylines full of unexpected turns. These films ignite the imagination, leaving viewers wondering what it would be like to star in their own action-packed escapades. Our team at Valo Motion recognized this desire for thrilling experiences, and with the Operation: Money Grab game, we aim to satisfy this craving for action, placing each player at the center of their own exhilarating adventure.

Our Lead Developer Lauri Lehtonen shares the inspiration behind Operation: Money Grab:

"We have already seen how much people love our ValoArena game Groundfall, released in 2022. GroundFall's development idea was strongly based on the much-played playground game "the floor is lava". The popularity of this game made us think about which other playground games we could draw inspiration from.  We noticed that quite a few of them are played by moving back and forth in a limited space. This gave rise to the idea of ​​designing a game that would have a series of different challenges that players must go through in the ValoArena play area. That idea eventually developed into the espionage and robbery-themed game Operation: Money Grab, where the game challenges vary a lot during one game and the players are taken on a kind of mini-adventure through a building to be robbed."

Are you ready for the heist?

In Operation: Money Grab, players form a group of cunning thieves tasked with infiltrating the prestigious Museum of Money. At the beginning, the players start in the museum lobby and infiltrate into restricted areas of the museum, navigating through security systems, outsmarting security robots, and collecting valuables along the way. With each level, the players get to move one floor higher in the museum and are introduced to new puzzles with different mechanics. The goal is to reach the rooftop within the time limit of 4 minutes and escape via helicopter, or risk getting busted!

Four players going through laser security systems to seize the money bags on the other side in Operation Money Grab, ValoArena’s new game

A One-of-a-Kind Experience with Advanced Player Tracking Technology

Operation: Money Grab combines physical challenges, cooperative gameplay, and a strong narrative, providing an unforgettable experience for players of all ages and abilities, whether it's their first time or they're seasoned pros in mixed reality games. 

With varying levels of difficulty, Operation: Money Grab tests players’ ninja skills like speed and agility. The surprise factor of each level keeps the players on their toes as they never know what challenge they might encounter next. This just adds to the brilliance of the game as it forces the players to work together and complement each other’s creative puzzle solving skills.

Although the game falls under the category of physical puzzle game, there is a strong element of adventure in it as the it revolves around constant travel up the building. Operation: Money Grab has an amazing potential for cooperative play and that is why we suggest a group of two to four players in each game so they can take the full advantage of the game mechanics that require the whole team to solve the puzzle together. Additionally, the leaderboard/scoring system shows the score of the whole group representing the amount of money that the group gathered all together, along with the individual scores showing how much money each player contributed. This adds a fun competitive edge to what is mostly a cooperation focused experienced.

Our development team at Valo Motion reports that for Operation: Money Grab, the player tracking technology has been further improved to enable free movement and seamless interaction with the game without the need of any wearables! This is where the technology of our award winning mixed reality game arena - ValoArena makes all the difference. The game takes full advantage of the 5x5m play area of ValoArena with the 2 screens and makes the experience for each player feel very natural.   

At Valo Motion we strongly believe each of us are made to move. Physical activity is key for everyone to lead a healthier and happier life. Our game, Operation: Money Grab, embraces this value and encourages the players to crawl under lasers, leap past obstacles, and tiptoe around traps. As the game accurately tracks every motion, it brings the joy of movement and play together, empowering players to stay active and engaged.

Benefits for Park Owners

For the operators of an active indoor entertainment parks, this captivating new release for the ValoArena will draw the attention of potential customers, helping to expand your park's reach and appeal to new visitors seeking exciting experiences. With its engaging cooperative gameplay and varying challenges, players will want to return to your park again and again, increasing customer retention and loyalty.

Plus the strong spy/heist theme offers ample opportunities for creating eye-catching promotional materials and campaigns that will generate buzz and excitement around your park. You can be confident in the game's success at your park as Operation: Money Grab has undergone thorough beta testing and received positive feedback from the testers, ensuring a seamless integration into your lineup of attractions.

By adding a high-quality, innovative game like Operation: Money Grab to your park’s offerings, you demonstrate your commitment to providing cutting-edge experiences for your visitors, ultimately bolstering your park's reputation within the industry.

Four players cheering with their hands up after success in Operation Money Grab game inside ValoArena, the mixed reality game platform

Let the Heist begin!

With its captivating gameplay and a unique spy/heist theme, Operation: Money Grab is waiting for you to take on its thrilling challenges. Perfect for families, friends, and players of all age groups, don't miss your chance to become the main character in your own adventure!

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