Super Stomp, the two-player game for ValoJump

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Sven Rösch
April 28, 2021
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Screenshot of an interactive exergaming jumping game Super Stomp. A kid jumps into a cartoonish environment with platforms and buttons.

Super Stomp is the world’s first multiplayer trampoline game for ValoJump! In Super Stomp, you get to compete against your friends in fast-paced matches where you try to stomp them into the ground before they get a chance to do the same to you.

Now you can squash your friends in Super Stomp!

Your movements on the trampoline will determine how you move inside the game. Be quicker, or outsmart your opponent in order to achieve victory.

Just about anything is more fun with friends. We heard a lot of feedback from ValoJump players who wanted to see a multiplayer game. With Super Stomp, we wanted to make it possible for people to have fun on trampolines together, not just by themselves.


ValoJump, the interactive jumping game, won the IAAPA Brass Ring Award in 2019

Super Stomp has also enjoyed some industry recognition. In 2019, the Super Stomp set up was awarded in the Best New Product (Technology Applied to Amusements) category at the Brass Ring Awards 2019 ceremony, celebrated during the most important international indoor entertainment trade show, IAAPA.

“We chose Super Stomp as we really think it’s going to be a game-changer for family entertainment centers and trampoline parks. It’s going to add a whole new dimension to trampoline parks and it’s a great new activity for the family entertainment centers. Super Stomp allows people to get active while still doing video games, " says the​ Brass Ring Award Committee​ member, Jennifer McDonald​.

Our customer, Denis Lopatin, is happy to announce that ValoJump brings gaming to trampolines and lines of eager players to his trampoline parks, Stacja Grawitacja. You can read more about his experience in our free-to-download case study.

Download the case study to find out why ValoJump is worth the investment.

ValoJump case study