Mine Time for ValoJump

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Ulla Järvinen
October 19, 2023
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Mine Time new game for ValoJump

Get ready to unearth new levels of fun!

At Valo Motion, we are committed to creating immersive, fun, and engaging experiences that make people move. We understand that the essence of a captivating game lies in its ability to offer instant gratification alongside lasting engagement. It's with this philosophy that we proudly introduce our latest offering—Mine Time for ValoJump, a game set to redefine casual puzzle gaming on the trampoline.

A game for everyone, literally

Mine Time isn't just another game; it's a carefully crafted universe designed to appeal to a broad demographic. From young adventurers of age 4 to adults looking for some leisurely activity, the game is thoughtfully tailored to engage players at their own pace. 

2 players trying Mine Time game of ValoJump on the trampoline

In Mine Time, the players transform into cave explorers diving into the depths of ancient caves, rich with treasures from long-forgotten mining civilizations. The deeper they venture, the more lavish the treasures become, adding extra layers of excitement and delight to their trampoline adventures.

The gameplay focuses exclusively on stomping on a grid of blocks, each activating a different set of rewards or challenges. By focusing on this simple but addictive mechanic, Mine Time offers both simplicity for newcomers and depth for seasoned trampolinists.

Each 2-minute game round offers opportunities to focus on quick-level completion or methodical exploration, depending on your strategy.

2 players jumping inside Mine Time game of ValoJump

Key features of Mine Time

Inspired by the compulsive appeal of casual match-3 mobile games—though not overtly so—Mine Time creates a rewarding ecosystem of visual and auditory delights. The game showers players with a constant flow of 'gems,' inducing a sense of satisfaction with every leap. This psychological reward system taps into the same gratification loop that makes mobile games so addictive, but it does so in a healthier, more active setting.

  • Random level selection: With 50+ unique levels, the game offers an ever-changing experience, ensuring no two gameplay sessions are the same.
  • Instant gratification: We want players to enjoy every moment of the game, from triggering explosives to collecting gems.
  • Collaborative gameplay: In the 2-player mode, communication and strategy are key, making the game perfect for friends and family.
  • Rewards-centric gameplay: We focus on providing a game environment that's rich in audiovisual effects, encouraging players to improve and explore without punishing them for mistakes.
  • Skill development: Players will hone a range of skills, from cooperative abilities to creative puzzle-solving, planning, and trampoline jumping.
  • Pay-to-Play adaptability: The game supports various monetization options, making it a valuable addition for park owners seeking to attract a broader audience and increase revenue.

As the lead game developer, Lauri Lehtonen shared his inspiration behind Mine Time:

“In essence, our goal was to create a game for ValoJump that consistently rewards players for their performance, rather than punishing them for incorrect actions. This approach allows Mine Time to appeal to a wide audience. The game is designed to have lots of audiovisual effects happening constantly, which adds to the instant gratification and short-term goals that players seek. It's a constant stream of rewarding moments.”

How operators can leverage Mine Time

Mine Time isn't only a treat for players, it's a golden opportunity for park owners to diversify their revenue streams. The game's quick rewards and easy goals make it perfect for pay-to-play setups, drawing players of all ages. Park operators can harness this wide appeal for a variety of promotional strategies.

  • Seasonal promotions: Coincide the game's launch with a fall-season campaign to re-invite previous visitors and re-engage dormant ones.
  • Targeted marketing: The game's wide age range offers a unique selling point for family-centric marketing efforts.
  • Bundling: Consider package deals that bundle Mine Time playtime with other park activities, amplifying the overall value proposition.
  • Interactive spectator events: The game inherently fosters spectator involvement, making it a perfect candidate for interactive events where audiences can shout out tips and locations of treasures.
  • Social media challenges: Leverage the excitement around collecting gems and progressing through levels by running social media challenges that ask players to share their high scores or strategies.
A single player with happy emotions playing Mine Time game on ValoJump while friends watching

Mine Time is a perfect fit in the Valo Motion universe

At its core, Mine Time reinforces Valo Motion's company vision—it makes people move, and it does so in an eternally rewarding manner. 

Mine Time not only amplifies the fun for players but also adds a robust offering for park owners. With its broad appeal and low staffing requirements, this new game promises high throughput and excellent monetization potential for the operators. 

The game automatically updates into ValoJump platforms starting October 16th, 2023.

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