Astro Blade - new game for ValoArena

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Ulla Järvinen
March 14, 2023
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New mixed-reality game release for ValoArena: Astro Blade

We launched a new space-themed fighting game for our award-winning mixed-reality playground ValoArena called Astro Blade. In Astro Blade, the players are virtual holograms who fight each other using futuristic laser swords, shields and spears inside a simulation that takes place in a spaceship’s hangar. 

Astro Blade is targeted mainly for ages 10-14 but the game is fun for anyone 8 years old and above. It’s also fun for teenagers and adults! 

Astro Blade is influenced by lightsaber duels in Star Wars

We wanted to create a game for ValoArena that would introduce player-to-player interactions. In Astro Blade, other players’ actions directly influence what you need to do, whether it’s attacking past their guard or trying to evade their attacks. This sort of gameplay is highly social and therefore we feel it’s an excellent addition to ValoArena’s game offering.

We are also big fans of classic fighting games and we know our target audience is too. We wanted to bring classic fighting games to life in a completely new way which only the tech behind ValoArena makes possible. The game is also heavily inspired by space-themed classics such as the lightsaber duels in Star Wars.

two players from the blue team with shields and lightsabers approach the defending red team in a spaceship environment

A safe game where players can feel like superheroes

We wanted to offer all this in a safe and less violent way which is why we spent extra attention on making the game safe and making it feel friendly also for younger players. We want the players to feel like they are superheroes in a fighting game and can come up with their own special moves free of any restrictions.

The game makes the fantasy of becoming a fighting game character a reality. 

Astro Blade is also a part of Valo Motion’s mission of empowering people to move more and be physically active but also have a lot of fun while doing it. In Astro Blade the players use their entire body to play the game and an intense sword duel among friends is guaranteed to make them sweat!

one player jumps energetically while another ducks and others are in the background of ValoArena the mixed-reality playground for up to 6 players

Benefits also for the park owners

Astro Blade is a game that cannot be played alone. It is ideal for a group of friends who want to play something together and will also work great for parties and events for kids aged 8-12. Astro Blade is a competitive game and offers an option to improve and get better through practice. This can also increase re-visits to locations for kids who like competitive gaming.  

Astro Blade’s Lead Designer Lauri Lehtonen tells what is the inspiration behind this game:

“I have always been a huge fan of classic fighting video games and as a child used to pretend to be a fighting game character on the playground with my two brothers! We fought each other using random objects or even just make-believe weapons but in our imagination, we were fighting on an epic battleground! I’m really excited for this game release because Astro Blade brings these imagined fights into reality!”

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