Groundfall: The most played game in ValoArena!

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Prakhar Sharma
August 24, 2023
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A group of six players playing the mixed reality lava floor game called Groundfall of ValoArena, standing on a fragile floor surrounded by lava

Remember the childhood excitement of playing "Floor is Lava" with your friends?

At Valo Motion, we took this timeless game to the next level with Groundfall, an exciting mixed-reality adventure that immerses you in action like never before. Originally launched in the summer of 2022, Groundfall is just one of the many fun, social games available in ValoArena, the revolutionary 6-player mixed-reality playground powered by our cutting-edge motion tracking system.

Groundfall is a classic game reimagined

The concept is simple but thrilling: as the floor beneath your feet crumbles, you must quickly move to safe tiles to avoid falling into the lava. With each round, the challenge becomes slightly more difficult, ensuring that players of all ages (target age group: 6+) and skill levels remain engaged and entertained. Each game lasts between 2-3 minutes, allowing up to 75 players per hour on average to join in on the fun, with up to 6 players playing at one time.

Six players playing Groundfall, the floor lava game version of ValoArena

ValoArena's proprietary ValoVision motion tracking software captures your every movement, seamlessly translating it into the game world. This technology allows players to interact with virtual objects in real-time, providing a complete interactive experience. Take, for example, the virtual floor of Groundfall: it creates the illusion that players are genuinely falling when the ground beneath them crumbles if they don't move quickly enough to a safe platform. What's more, screens positioned on both sides inside the arena allow you to follow the action without the need for a dedicated VR or AR headset.

From the Lead Developer himself,

"In our early development stages for ValoArena, we experimented with various prototypes for a lava-themed game. For example, one prototype generated a random path from one end of the play area to the other, and the idea was that players had to walk from the start to the end of the path without falling. After several prototypes, inspiration struck from a completely unrelated one.  We instantly noticed how fun it was to try to quickly jump onto the new path or otherwise, you would fall. There was a constant fun tension in this gameplay cycle. We decided we have to still explore this mechanic before the initial launch of the product and now in hindsight that turned out to be a great decision.”
- Lauri Lehtonen, Lead Game Developer at Valo Motion

To Lauri, Groundfall has always felt magical. He reckons that the game's elements clicked together almost effortlessly, and that is what makes it a perfect fit for the ValoArena. 

A FUN FACT: The path generation mechanic of the original path walking prototype is still one of the levels of Groundfall!

Most played game in ValoArena

Since its launch, Groundfall has captivated players worldwide, quickly rising to be the most popular game in ValoArena. An impressive 55.30% of all gameplay hours at ValoArena have been dedicated to this thrilling survival adventure. To put that in perspective, that's an astounding 3,788.56 hours, almost equivalent to playing non-stop for 158 days!

Pay-to-Play Attractions

At pay-to-play venues, where each game is at an additional charge, Groundfall continues to shine. With 10,134 games accounting for 46% of total paid games played in ValoArena, Groundfall has proved its ability to pull in players willing to pay for each round. This proves that it is not just another game in the arcade; it's a must-play attraction.

Globally Loved

The data from our cloud shows that the love for Groundfall has no borders, with Germany being the hub for its enthusiasts, responsible for 46% of total games played. Active indoor entertainment center like Hi-Fly in Hilden, Germany has become iconic for Groundfall plays and currently sits on the pole position among all other, with 20% of total games played at this single location.

Share the Joy

Groundfall's appeal is not limited to its gameplay alone. From the data extracted from the cloud, players around the world have sent 10,698 videos of Groundfall games, making up 54.50% of all ValoArena videos shared. This demonstrates that the joy of playing Groundfall extends to sharing the experience with others.

Groundfall game in numbers

Whether it's the thrill of the open-access venues or the appeal of pay-to-play arcades, Groundfall has exceeded our expectations to become the ultimate survival game for ValoArena. This is only possible due to the ValoArena’s flexibility to adapt to open-access and pay-to-play (and even reservation mode!) based business models while delivering unparalleled fun.

Fast-paced adventure for all ages 

Designed for active indoor amusement parks, FECs, and other leisure and hospitality locations, ValoArena is an incredibly versatile and user-friendly gaming platform. It requires no attendant, wearables, wires, or controllers – as players simply step into the arena, choose from five different games, and select their desired skill level and mode. From there, they can compete together in a physical and virtual space, while spectators watch and cheer them on.

ValoArena is an exceptional addition to any leisure facility, offering a one-of-a-kind interactive experience for players aged 6 to 99. With its high throughput and lack of staff requirements, this attraction helps keep operational costs low.

"With Groundfall, we've hit a sweet spot in crafting active, enjoyable experiences for groups. It's designed for those moments with family and friends where fun takes center stage, and I'm pleased it aligns so well with our vision of empowering people through the power of play. Seeing players return again and again to play Groundfall, as well as the success of ValoArena, is evidence that our development has been on the right track from the start. These pioneering products truly reflect our values of active movement, curiosity, teamwork, and being serious about fun."
- Raine Kajastila, CEO, Valo Motion

From pioneers in digital attractions 

Since 2016, Valo Motion has been transforming analog structures like trampolines and climbing walls into exciting digital attractions that delight both amusement park owners and users. With more than 220,000 people in over 65 countries using Valo Motion products every day, it is clear that our commitment to fun, ease of use, and quality is resonating with players and operators alike, around the globe.

Map of ValoArena installations around the world
ValoArena installations around the world

Don't miss out on the excitement of Groundfall and the other amazing games in ValoArena including ToyWatch Island (ages 4+), Runway Zero (ages 6+), Astro Blade (ages 8+), Photobomb (ages 6+) and Operation Money Grab (ages 8+). 

Experience the unique joy of movement that Valo Motion has been delivering since 2016. Play, move, and have serious fun with us!

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