Photobomb for ValoArena

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Prakhar Sharma
April 25, 2024
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Are you ready to steal the show and bring the dazzle of a red carpet premiere to your venue? Valo Motion is proud to announce the launch of "Photobomb," the latest addition to ValoArena's extensive mixed-reality game library, set to make every visit to your place an unforgettable adventure.

What is Photobomb?

Imagine turning your ValoArena into a hilarious interactive photo booth in the theme of a premier Hollywood red carpet event. 

In Photobomb, up to six players become celebrities walking the red carpet at a premiere event. With each round, they compete to strike outrageous poses within a picture frame before a snapshot is taken. Their goal is simple - score maximum points by being the most visible "star" in each crazy photograph, scoring points for face, hand, and feet markers captured in the frame.

Photobomb is perfect for players aged 6 and up, offering a social gaming experience that's as much fun for kids as adults. It's designed to make everyone laugh and engage in a bit of friendly competition, making it an ideal choice for family outings, parties, or any group event!

Family posing in Photobom game of ValoArena with fun

Why your guests will love it?

This game ticks all the right boxes for an unforgettable and wholesome social gaming experience:

  • Family-friendly fun that brings generations together.
  • Simple gameplay that's easy for players to pick up.
  • Hilarious photo moments guests will want to share.

As Dr. Raine Kajastila, Valo Motion's CEO, puts it:

"Photobomb transforms ValoArena into an exciting photo booth attraction that encourages movement through social play – precisely what our platform is designed for."

Attract a wide audience with inclusive play

Unlike other innovative attractions that mostly cater to only a niche audience, ValoArena is a frictionless and intuitive experience for guests of all ages. Its design overcomes barriers found in VR attractions, such as discomfort from wearables like headsets, controllers, etc., and complexity of use. Players just step in and have fun without worrying about cybersickness or figuring out complex gear like headsets and controllers.

This simplicity makes ValoArena a hit at any family entertainment centre, where families and young children can easily join in, widening your audience to include anyone looking for a good time with their loved ones.

Photobomb is the latest inclusive experience that’s built for the active social gameplay that ValoArena, our mixed-reality playground, proudly stands for. The game’s widespread appeal means that you can draw diverse crowds to your venue. Whether it's families bonding over shared laughs and memories or groups of friends enjoying a lighthearted competition, the game lets anyone and everyone join in on the goofy fun.

Works with your business model

Photobomb is most fun when played together with family and friends. As the game easily accommodates up to 6 players per game session in all monetization methods (single tickets, group tickets, reservation mode, gated admission/open access), it gives a perfect advantage to operators like you to diversify your revenue streams, by hosting group events like birthday parties with ValoArena, where not only kids but even the parents can hop in to create some unforgettable memories.

As the 6th game released in less than 2 years on ValoArena, Photobomb’s quick 2-minute, 40-second rounds fit seamlessly into ValoArena's fast-paced fun, supporting the flow of guests and playtime.

On top of that, in each gameplay, the level randomly chooses each picture from a big pool of possibilities, ensuring that no two gameplays are identical, so your guests keep coming back for more.

Word-of-mouth marketing for your venue

With the release of Photobomb our talented product and game development team is excited to introduce a brand new product feature to ValoArena that turns it into an interactive photo booth.

This means that players can now get their gameplay images along with the gameplay video after their session. They can simply send these to their email or scan the QR code on the ValoArena touchscreen to access them on the ValoApp.

This not only elevates the fun factor but also gives your guests something tangible to remember about their experience at your venue. The photos and video, branded with your venue's logo, serve as an emotional souvenir for your guests and a powerful marketing tool for you. When guests share their fun memories on social media, it naturally promotes your venue to potential new visitors, effectively turning each photo into a word-of-mouth recommendation.

"We wanted to add photo booth functionality into ValoArena, but at its heart, the product is a gaming platform.” 

said the Lead Game Developer Lauri Lehtonen,

“That's why we decided to make a game that is about taking photos. The silly pictures taken by Photobomb are just the icing on the cake on top of the engaging, casually competitive game mechanics. The game is a perfect fit for friend groups and families to laugh together for a while and make some shared memories."

Lights, Camera, Photobomb!

Give your guests the red carpet treatment with an experience that delivers nonstop laughter, cherished memories, and undeniable Instagram appeal! It's showtime.

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