First ValoArena unit installed in Germany

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Raine Kajastila
June 20, 2022
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ValoArena installation at Hi-Fly with two screens and custom-made fabrics in Hi-Fly trampoline park corporate logos.

ValoArena lands at Family Activity Park

ValoArena is designed for activity parks and other indoor spaces. This freeform game requires no wearables for gameplay, allowing players to enjoy maximum physical activity and social interaction.

Hi-Fly, an activity park in Hilden, Germany, recently purchased and installed ValoArena. to keep the park’s format modern and relevant for the evolving tastes of their audience. This is the first ValoArena installation outside of Finland. It’s off to a great start.

ValoArena is great because it combines movement with kids’ love of digital entertainment. It’s also a social activity, which makes it really fun for friends and families to do together." says Lasse Buschmann, CEO of Hi-Fly.

ValoArena mixed-reality attraction installed at Hi-Fly with its custom fabrics in colours pink an purple.
First ValoArena installation at Hi-Fly, Germany

ValoArena helps parks to stay relevant and modern

Lasse Buschmann further states: “We always observe what is happening on the market, and we got ValoArena because it helps us to stay relevant and modern. Today’s kids play a lot on cell phones and screens, and at Hi-Fly, movement is important to us. ValoArena is great because it combines movement with kids’ love of digital entertainment.

ValoArena adds value to our park and ticket prices because it’s easy to access, it has no wearables, and it saves staffing costs."

ValoArena will be globally available in late autumn. Until then we keep you updated about  the selected prime locations to provide you with data and insights on play value and throughput.

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