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Ulla Järvinen
February 28, 2023
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All of Valo Motion’s products are a great solution for a retrofit. They attract new digital native audiences, kids and adults and can fit to even a small space.

Retrofitting an indoor activity park or family entertainment centre with mixed-reality attractions like Valo Motion's ValoJump Air can bring a number of benefits to the park, guests, and owners. In this blog post, we'll explore how retrofitting provides an opportunity to revitalize your existing location, boost revenue, and create new savings in maintenance costs.

5 tips for a successful retrofit 

#1 Develop a retrofit plan

Consider the needs of your location’s target audience or planned new audiences, and analyze the current conditions: your existing infrastructure, attractions, and technology to determine the scope of the retrofitting project and to develop a remodeling plan.

#2 Define a budget 

Based on the assessment and plan, develop a budget to ensure that your project can be completed within the necessary timeline and resources.

#3 Select the right play equipment  

Decide what kind of play equipment will best fit your target audience's needs and what is your expected ROI from this retrofit and investment. This will help you proceed with the vendor selection process. 

Create detailed specifications for the new digital attractions and the retrofitted systems, including available space, ceiling height, flooring, temperature, etc. 

Valo Motion provides detailed specifications on all our attraction's sizing and specs on our product pages. We also provide attraction-specific throughput figures and ROI estimates for our potential customers.

All of Valo Motion’s products are a great solution for a retrofit. They attract new digital native audiences, kids and adults and can fit to even a small space.
Immersive gameplay of ValoClimb's game, Shadowlings.

#4 Installation & testing

During the implementation phase, the new digital attractions are installed. For instance, all Valo Motion’s products can be installed between 1-3 days depending on the product. 

Once the installation and retrofitting work are complete, the new digital attractions are tested to ensure that they are functioning correctly and meet all safety and performance standards.

#5 Easy operations

After the retrofit, onboarding, and training are given on the new digital attractions. All of Valo Motion’s products also have 24/7 customer support, and they are connected to our cloud service which helps operators both automate attraction operations and gain insights from usage and performance data.

5 benefits of retrofitting

Retrofitting an indoor activity park with new digital attractions, such as Valo Motion’s mixed-reality attractions, offers several benefits:

#1 Attract new customers 

  • Digital attractions can attract a new generation of more tech-savvy customers looking for unique and interactive experiences.
  • Keep your attractions fresh by regularly introducing new games and updates to existing games to ensure your location remains relevant in the years to come. For instance, Valo Motion offers a lifetime of new games as part of our Service.
A kid with long hair is jumping actively and happy in a trampoline park in front of a ValoJump screen
The world’s first two-player game on a trampoline, Super Stomp of ValoJump

#2 Improve traffic flows and maximize floor space revenue  

  • Introduce new easy-to-use digital attractions where guests can just step in and start playing.
  • Valo Motion’s all products are designed to offer versatility in a small space and to maximize floor-space revenue.

#3 Increase engagement

  • Mixed reality attractions can also enhance the guest experience, providing them with a more immersive and interactive experience that they cannot find anywhere else.
  • By combining physical and digital elements, guests are transported into a new world where they can experience exciting new adventures. This increased level of engagement is sure to leave guests with a positive and memorable experience.

#4 Introduce new monetization models  

  • Add new pay-to-play machines to your venue, or monitor with performance data if you could raise your location’s ticket prices.
  • Benefit from new ways of doing promotions and venue marketing by utilizing user-generated content from built-in photo booths in digital attractions.
  • Expand your location's party offering with new group-friendly games: run more events, birthday parties, or esports competitions in your venue.
Unattended immersive multiplayer arena, ValoArena.

#5 Gain cost savings from easier operations 

  • Automated digital attractions are easier to operate. None of Valo Motion’s digital attractions need any dedicated staff to operate. The attractions are also completely gear-free so no headsets or wearables require maintenance.
  • Utilize automation and attractions data also to boost your location’s energy savings and business intelligence
ValoJump vs. Go Karts: For Play Factore, the choice to replace their kid go-karts with ValoJump came down to consistency: “ValoJump is a very stable product. We know how long each game is. We can calculate throughput,”  Fawad Munir said.
Read more about Play Factore case study here

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