Maximize floor space revenue with ValoJump's retrofitting solutions

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Prakhar Sharma
April 16, 2024
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Retrofitting with ValoJump: Trampoline and air track setups from various locations.

Why innovation matters now more than ever

Running an indoor trampoline park or active entertainment venue is challenging in today's competitive indoor entertainment landscape.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the shelf-life of entertainment options you can offer at your venue is shrinking. Your consumers are constantly seeking fresh and engaging experiences that provide a unique thrill each time they visit - experiences that they cannot get from at-home entertainment. It’s almost as if the concept of a ‘favorite’ attraction has vanished with all the available options.

And with rent prices unlikely to come down anytime soon, it's crucial to make good use of every square meter (or foot, if you’re in the US) of space to maintain profitability and attract repeat business at your venue.

Roadblocks to your revenue growth

Over the last 8 years, we have worked with more than 1,000 LBE operators in over 65 countries. From this experience, we have identified three common challenges that operators like you face in managing trampoline parks:

  1. Wasted space and outdated attractions: Underutilized spaces or outdated attractions that occupy valuable floor space and fail to generate revenue can significantly drain your business. Inefficient use of floor space can result in lost revenue opportunities and decreased profitability for your trampoline park or entertainment venue.

  2. Customer attrition: Keeping up with customer demands for unique, immersive experiences can be difficult. Falling behind can lead to losing customers to competitors who offer more innovative attractions leading to a decline in your customer loyalty and ultimately, revenue.
  3. Strained Resources: Unless you are creating a brand new location from scratch, introducing new attractions at an existing and operational site, often comes with high costs and complexities that can be challenging to manage. High capital expenditures can strain your resources and impact your bottom line.

In order to address these challenges and help operators like you maximize your floor space revenue, we have tailored one of our most beloved mixed-reality attractions - ValoJump to be a practical solution for you.

ValoJump’s retrofitting solution: ValoJump air

But what is ValoJump air?

ValoJump air is an innovative mixed-reality game platform that transforms air tracks into an award-winning immersive gaming experience. 

It combines fitness and exercise with captivating, high-definition graphics and exciting gameplay, and turns players into video game characters, allowing them to see themselves on a big screen while jumping on the air tracks.

ValoJump air floor space, ceiling height and target age group

Benefits of retrofitting/remodeling with ValoJump air

For trampoline park and active indoor entertainment center operators, ValoJump presents a compelling retrofitting solution that can help maximize floor space revenue. Here's why:

  1. A modern and cutting-edge attraction: ValoJump is a modern, cutting-edge technological attraction that comes as a turnkey solution (both hardware and software) for your venue. The complete system is easy to set up and ready to play right out of the box.

  2. No staff needed: ValoJump’s safe, hygienic, and fully automated system means no extra staff is needed to manage it, helping you save on operational costs.

  3. High throughput and space efficiency: One of ValoJump's standout features is its high throughput per footprint. It can accommodate up to 50-60 players per hour, allowing you to maximize revenue in a relatively small space. ValoJump effortlessly fits into spaces as small as 15-30m2 (160-320ft2) for a single unit or 30-45m2 (320-480ft2) for a dual setup.

  4. Budget-friendly and revenue-boosting: ValoJump is a budget-friendly and modern solution that can help trampoline park operators maximize their floor space revenue. It's the perfect replacement for outdated or underperforming attractions that are no longer generating income. With up to 9 different trampoline games and more than 20 different levels, ValoJump offers a new, unique, and immersive experience that helps you attract and retain customers.

  5. Versatile and customizable options: With different screen sizes and configurations, ValoJump can be adapted to fit your specific venue needs, whether you're upgrading an old attraction or filling an idle space in your venue. ValoJump is available for both trampolines and air tracks, catering to different venue configurations. It can be installed in custom multi-unit or single-unit setups. The super popular ValoJump double setup connects two systems together to allow players to play the same game together while jumping safely on separate trampolines!
  1. Flexible monetization options: ValoJump can seamlessly integrate with various monetization methods, such as gated admission (open access), pay-per-play ticketing systems, or reservation modes for birthday parties and groups. It also accepts coins, cards, and RFID tags, ensuring a smooth transition into your existing business model.

    If you're unsure about how much you should price it at your venue or how others are monetizing ValoJump and you need guidance, our expert team at Valo Motion is available to assist you.

  2. Comprehensive service and 24x7 support: When you choose ValoJump, you also choose Valo Motion's comprehensive service package. This includes 24/7 customer support, ensuring maximum uptime for your attraction, even on weekends and holidays! Additionally, you'll benefit from automatic updates and regular new game releases via the Operations Hub, ensuring overall longevity and reducing lifetime costs of your attraction.

    Valo Motion’s service package also provides access to ValoLeague and ValoApp, enabling you to organize competitive tournaments at your venue with ValoJump.

  3. Proven Return on Investment (ROI): The average return on investment (ROI) for ValoJump is impressive, with pay-per-play locations seeing an ROI in 9.8 months and open-access locations averaging 3,700 plays per month.
  1. Branding and promotional opportunities: ValoJump players can create shareable play videos with the built-in video booth functionality, enabling you to boost your brand visibility when these selfie videos get viral across different social media as they come with your branding.

    Additionally, you can run advertising on the product screens between gameplays, further enhancing your marketing efforts. Valo Motion also shares marketing collateral with customers to support their promotional activities.
  2. Low ceiling height solution: For venues (or even areas within a venue) where ceiling height might be an issue, the ValoJump air track is the perfect solution. It requires only a 3.5m (12ft) minimum ceiling height, making it an ideal choice for spaces with height constraints. This not only reduces insurance costs but also ensures that the fun and immersive experience of ValoJump's mixed-reality games remains uncompromised.
ValoJump air from different locations

Real-life success with ValoJump retrofitting

If the compelling reasons we've discussed so far aren't enough, let's hear from an LBE operator like yourself who has successfully retrofitted ValoJump at their venue.

Play Factore, the UK's largest indoor entertainment center for children aged 0-16, spanning 26,000 square feet, faced a similar challenge of underutilized spaces and outdated attractions. They decided to replace their kid go-karts and fill empty areas with ValoJump.

Fawad Munir, Founder & CEO of Play Factore, shares his experience:

"We bought four ValoJumps initially because I wanted to fill the space we had available, and because having four people in the air increases the 'wow factor.'”

For Play Factore, the choice to replace their kid go-karts with ValoJump came down to consistency.

"ValoJump is a very stable product. We know how long each game is. We can calculate throughput," explains Fawad Munir.

This consistency and predictability in ValoJump's operations have been crucial for Play Factore, enabling them to optimize their space utilization and maximize revenue generation as they average 536 plays per day on average, with weekend figures reaching as high as 778 plays per day.

Like many other LBE operators, Play Factore recognized the need to keep their offerings fresh and engaging for their young visitors. By retrofitting ValoJump, they were able to introduce a cutting-edge, immersive experience that has proven to be a hit with their customers.

By replacing outdated or underperforming attractions with ValoJump, you too can revitalize your space, boost customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive increased revenue for your business.

Retrofitting with ValoJump presents a compelling solution that can help you overcome these challenges.

Don't let underutilized spaces or outdated attractions continue to drain your resources. Take the first step towards maximizing your floor space revenue by exploring ValoJump's retrofitting solutions.

Request a demo to see ValoJump in action and get a personalized assessment of how it can transform your venue. Our experts are happy to provide you with detailed information on pricing, implementation, and guidance on optimizing ValoJump for your specific business model.

Unlock the full potential of your venue with ValoJump's innovative retrofitting solution.

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