We opened an active mixed-reality arcade ValoHalli™

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Ulla Järvinen
February 7, 2023
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ValoHalli gaming acrade

ValoHalli™ is a private venue to celebrate birthdays and other events that you can rent for private parties. ValoHalli™ is launched to provide customers an opportunity to be active and immerse into the world of gaming while creating memories together. Visitors can play on all three of Valo Motion's mixed-reality game platforms and dozens of games developed for players of different age and skill levels. Valo Motion platforms allow to scale game offering on small space through diverse range of games encouraging people to move while having fun.

In ValoHalli™, you can find the augmented reality climbing wall ValoClimb, where two players can compete in fun gamified climbing challenges. In addition, the space also has multiple interactive ValoJump trampoline game platforms, where players physically jump on actual trampolines and at the same time compete against each other as digital game characters in the game world. In ValoHalli you can also find our latest product ValoArena, which is a mixed-reality game arena designed for up to six players.

ValoHalli gaming acrade

ValoArena was awarded 2022 as the best new product in the virtual and augmented reality category at the IAAPA trade show in the USA, beating e.g. Sega, who competed in the same category. The annual IAAPA Expo is the most important international trade show in the amusement park and leisure industry.

Valo Motions plans to move up to a million people in 2030

Our goal is to offer new kinds of game experiences to adults, young people, and families interested in exercise here in the community. While our products can be played globally we want to encourage people in our region to enjoy our products too. At the same time, we aim to develop our products and services and learn to understand better our end customers, the users of interactive gaming devices. ValoHalli™ allows us to be close to the players which can provide us valuable information first-hand.

Currently, our mixed-reality playground, wall climbing, and trampoline games move more than 220 000 players in 65 countries around the world every day. Our games have been played more than 50 million times in total, but our goal is to increase it to a million people daily in 2030.

Valo Motion's games combine exercise and game enjoyment, and are suitable for everyone from children to active fitness enthusiasts. Our products are used in various amusement parks, trampoline parks, indoor activity parks, and other indoor entertainment centers.

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Go to our booking page and create your booking request. We will confirm availability in the next 48 hours. After that, we will send you an invoice for payment and you will be ready to come to ValoHalli on your desired date! ValoHalli is available on Saturdays, morning, afternoon, and evening.

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