ValoPark, an active entertainment park concept for retail

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June 19, 2024
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ValoPark main entrance
ValoPark's floor plan including ValoClimb, ValoArena, ValoJump, party rooms, seating area and front service counter

The landscape of Location-Based Entertainment (LBE), particularly in active indoor entertainment, continues to evolve rapidly. As malls and retail centers develop into comprehensive entertainment hubs, packed with restaurants, sporting locations, gaming zones, and amusement areas, Valo Motion’s ValoPark steps in to deliver active social experiences that draw and delight crowds.

With ValoPark, our new park concept for retail launched 2023, park operators can now capture new audiences in these high-traffic retail environments.

ValoPark's main entrance and front counter

ValoPark combines parent-approved physical and digital games 

Park operators can transform compact retail spaces with low ceiling heights into small-scale active indoor entertainment venues with ValoPark, creating immersive entertainment experiences for new audiences. 

ValoPark is designed with a broader audience in mind, from families seeking active experiences to private and corporate groups planning celebratory events, ensuring a steady stream of visitors. A compelling feature of ValoPark is its unique blend of physical sports and engaging family-friendly video games. It meets the demands of families, active individuals as well as gamers seeking thrilling digital adventures.

Tap into new revenue streams with ValoPark’s innovative park concept for retail

For park operators, ValoPark offers an opportunity to tap into an expansive new audience with vast potential. Designed to fit snugly into compact spaces ranging from 400 sqm/4500 sqft to 1000 sqm/10500 sqft and requiring a mere ceiling height of 3.5 m/12 feet, ValoPark redefines what a "small footprint" can offer. 

ValoPark houses Valo Motion’s proven suite of mixed-reality attractions that include ValoArena, ValoJump, and ValoClimb - recognized in over 65 countries and 1400 locations worldwide. It also comes with 1-3 party rooms to foster compelling revenue streams with group events and birthday parties.

Each of ValoPark’s interactive game platforms boasts an intuitive and automated operation, supplemented with 24/7 service and regular game updates. With automated systems, ValoPark aims to deliver a seamless experience to visitors while also giving park operators the luxury of efficient operations, even with a small team. 

ValoPark serves as a visual treat, offering Instagram-worthy moments for players, thus acting as a self-propelling marketing machine for the operators. Players can record their gameplay videos on the platforms and share them later online to boost the venue’s visibility.

ValoPark adapts to your business in several ways

  • Network expansion: Establish ‘Express’ locations in prime retail spots, expanding your brand's reach.
  • Park-in-a-Park: The ValoPark concept can also be integrated within your existing park venue as a dedicated ‘interactive gaming area’ adding a new dimension to your existing setup.
  • Brand flexibility: You can use the concept under your brand name or discuss the option to utilize the ValoPark brand as part of your expansion strategy.

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Partners in innovation

To make ValoPark a reality, we teamed up with US Design Lab, who played a key role in shaping the visual identity of ValoPark. Their talented team created the eye-catching logo, developed the overall layout, design, and produced stunning renders of this active entertainment park concept for retail. This collaboration has helped us create ValoPark into a visually appealing and practical design that you can easily imagine in a local shopping mall.

Just as food courts are essential anchors in most shopping malls, ValoPark acts as a 'Fun Court' - a social gathering space where families can play and share experiences. The designs and renders by US Design Lab effectively communicate this concept, showing how ValoPark can fit into retail spaces and attract visitors.

Photo collage of ValoPark's exterior and interior
ValoPark designs and renders

This opportunity for operators is also backed by industry data

As consumer expectations shift at a rapid pace, retail venues are transitioning into experiential hubs. Experiential retail transcends being a mere trend; it's a foundational change. Its essence lies in creating immersive experiences that nurture lasting relationships with customers.  

With the global Location-Based Entertainment market poised to reach a value of US$ 30.29 billion by 2028, the demand for immersive video, video games, and other immersive entertainment forms like MR, AR, and VR technologies is evident.

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