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March 14, 2024
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The three top-tier events at the Las Vegas Convention Center this March, with Foundations Entertainment University, The VR Arcade Game Summit, and Amusement Expo International all taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

We're gearing up for three top-tier events at the Las Vegas Convention Center this March, with Foundations Entertainment University, The VR Arcade Game Summit, and Amusement Expo International all taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center during week 12.

If you're steering the ship at a Family Entertainment Center, Active Indoor Park, Amusement Park, Trampoline Park, or Arcade, especially across North America, Las Vegas is where you need to set your compass this March. Because it's not just the neon lights that'll be drawing crowds. This year's lineup of top-tier Location-Based Entertainment (LBE) events is set to equip you with the insights, tools, and connections to widen your venue's appeal like never before.

Why attend? It’s simple. 

Imagine unlocking the full potential of your venue to attract not only a larger but also a more diverse audience. Picture offering experiences that not only fill your space but also create lasting memories, ensuring guests keep coming back for more. These events offer more than just networking opportunities, they will provide crucial insights and strategies to adapt your business to the changing entertainment landscape.

Valo Motion is proud to contribute to this transformative week. Our US team will be actively engaging in educational sessions at both Foundations Entertainment University and the VR Arcade Game Summit, leading up to the Amusement Expo International trade show. There, they will showcase live virtual demos of our proven suite of mixed-reality attractions, streamed directly from our headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. If you're eager to discover how immersive mixed-reality attractions can supercharge your venue, these sessions are tailored for you.

Keep reading for a deep dive into what each event holds in store and how they can serve as a catalyst for your venue's growth and appeal.

Class-in-Session: Gaining Expert Insights at Foundations Entertainment University

2024 Foundations Entertainment University in Las Vegas

Kicking off this eventful week, Foundations Entertainment University is first on the agenda. Scheduled for March 18th and 19th, this educational seminar is a treasure trove of knowledge, covering everything you need to know about launching and managing location-based entertainment businesses for long-term success.

This two-day exploration of market analysis, financial planning, design, development, marketing, and management is tailored for operators managing all kinds of LBE venues. Whether your domain is a bustling family entertainment center or a modern active indoor park, Foundations Entertainment University provides the blueprint for success as the seminar equips you to navigate your project with confidence.

Still asking, “But what’s in it for me?”

Well, it’s a unique chance to absorb insights from 20 industry experts, engage in one-on-one networking with top suppliers, and enjoy complimentary access to the Amusement Expo Show Floor. The promise of educational workshops, an exclusive invitation to a Q-AMF reception at Treasure Island, and included meals only sweeten the deal.

Amid this abundance of learning opportunities, Marisa Garris, Valo Motion's newly appointed Business Development Manager for the US market, and Eldad Givon, our Head of Business Development, are going to present on "Can Immersive Attractions Actually Attract A Wide Audience?". This session is essential for anyone eager to discover how to expand their venue's appeal and ensure it remains a sought-after destination for diverse audiences.

"I'm genuinely excited to be part of a team that's as passionate about getting people moving and having fun as I am," shares Marisa. "Valo Motion is a pioneer in creating experiences that entertain and promote health at the same time. I can't wait to introduce more venues and local communities here in the US to our active mixed reality games."

If you're invested in shaping the future of your venue and eager to learn from the best in the business, Foundations Entertainment University is where you'll want to be.

Diving Into the Future at The VR Arcade Game Summit

Next up on the agenda will be "America's Largest LBVR (Location Based Virtual Reality) Conference" - The VR Arcade Game Summit. This event, also taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 18-19, unfolds alongside the annual Amusement Expo International 2024. It emerges as a crucial meeting point for operators and professionals within the location-based entertainment (LBE) industry, setting the stage for cutting-edge discussions on the future of immersive guest experiences.

As the diamond sponsor of this year's summit, Valo Motion is at the forefront, preparing to lead a compelling panel discussion titled "Immersive Appeal: How To Attract The Widest Audience," scheduled for March 18th at 13:00 PST. This session aims to tackle one of the LBE industry's most pressing challenges: engaging and retaining a diverse audience in an age where digital entertainment is ever-present. The discussion will delve into strategies for breaking down barriers in location-based entertainment, ensuring that experiences are enjoyable and accessible for every guest, regardless of age, gender, or family dynamics.

VR Arcade Summit Topic. Immersive Appeal: How to Attract the Whitedest Audience by Valo Motion, Creative Works, Pinnacle Entertainment Group and AR's Entertainment Hub

With a lineup of seasoned operators and industry experts, attendees will gain invaluable insights into making their venues universally appealing. By attending, operators can look forward to uncovering new ways to attract more visitors, enhance their venue's appeal, and create environments that encourage guests to return, ultimately boosting foot traffic and profitability.

ValoArena: A Paradigm in Boosting Audience Engagement and Revenue Generation

As a seamless solution for active social fun -  ValoArena eliminates the need for wearables and merges high-quality video games with physical activity. This not only simplifies operations for operators but also ensures a high throughput all while delivering a unique social play experience for the players.

Attendees will learn about ValoArena's success stories and data that demonstrate its wide appeal and potential to open new revenue streams. With up to 86% utilization in an open-access model and gameplay sessions averaging 3 to 4 minutes, leading to a throughput of 90 players per hour, ValoArena exemplifies hassle-free operation and adaptability across various entertainment settings. Its success in pay-to-play scenarios and the vast sharing of gameplay videos further underscore its role in boosting social engagement.

Groundfall, floor is lava game of ValoArena, mixed reality arena

"Groundfall," inspired by the classic game 'Floor is Lava,' serves as a perfect example of ValoArena's inclusive and active gaming experiences. Captivating a broad range of players, including kids, adults, families, and friend groups, "Groundfall" accounts for 55.30% of all gameplay hours in ValoArena since its release, highlighting its substantial appeal and impact as both a revenue driver and an audience attractor for venues worldwide.

Highlighting Our New Partnership: Valo Motion and Creative Works, Inc.

In an exciting development, Valo Motion is thrilled to announce a new partnership with Creative Works, Inc., aimed at expanding ValoArena's reach across North America. This collaboration with a leader in immersive attractions promises to enhance our ability to serve FEC owners and operators, offering more venues the chance to delight their guests with ValoArena's unique experiences.

“Valo Motion is happy to work with Creative Works to increase the presence of ValoArena in the United States. This partnership with an industry leader will enable us to connect with more FEC owners and better serve our customers with shorter delivery times.” - Raine Kajastila, CEO and Founder of Valo Motion

As pioneers in active mixed-reality attractions, our goal has always been to bring innovative and immersive experiences to spread the joy of movement to as many people as possible. By partnering with Creative Works, Inc., an industry leader with extensive experience in immersive attractions, we’re set to bring the ValoArena to even more venues across the continent.

“Creative Works has valued the innovation and forward-thinking development that Valo Motion has deployed in their various attractions. ValoArena exemplifies this innovation in fun and unique ways, and operators are seeing a great ROI with limited staffing required.” - Armando Lanuti, President of Creative Works

This summit is your gateway to the latest in LBE innovation, offering a look into how immersive technologies like ValoArena can enrich your venue's offerings and draw in a wider audience.

This year's VR Arcade Game Summit not only promises to arm you with key insights into expanding your audience through immersive technologies but also introduces the accelerated availability of ValoArena in North America, courtesy of our partnership with Creative Works, Inc.

Final Stop: Amusement Expo International 2024

Amusement Expo International

Rounding out our week of transformative events is the Amusement Expo International 2024, happening on March 20th and 21st at the Las Vegas Convention Center. As the premier conference and trade show for the American amusement entertainment industry, it brings together over 200 companies and 4,500 attendees, all dedicated to the business of play.

For American operators looking to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of location-based entertainment, Amusement Expo International offers unparalleled access to new technologies, industry trends, and expert insights. It's an essential destination for discovering how the latest virtual experiences can be transformed into real income for your venues.

Exclusive Live Demos Of Valo Motion’s Proven Suite Of Mixed-Reality Attractions

At this year's expo, Valo Motion invites you to Booth #1900 for an exclusive look at our complete suite of proven and unique mixed-reality attractions. We're offering live virtual demos of - ValoArena, ValoJump, and ValoClimb, streamed in real-time from our showroom in Helsinki, Finland.

Marissa Kiella, our Sales Manager for North & South America, will be your guide through these demos. Not only will Marissa showcase the functionalities and benefits of our products, but she'll also be available to discuss how Valo Motion's attractions can enhance your venue's offerings and guest experiences.

To ensure you don't miss out on this opportunity, we encourage you to schedule your virtual live demo in advance. This personalized experience is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy expo schedule, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of how our technology can support your business goals.

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