ValoClimb Case Study: Laser Quest, UK

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Prakhar Sharma
May 17, 2023
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ValoClimb setup at Laser Quest Trafford Centre in Manchester, the UK

We published a new case study on ValoClimb: Laser Quest Trafford Centre, Manchester, UK  

Embracing a franchised business model, Laser Quest has flourished and spread its presence across almost 50 locations throughout the UK. With a proud legacy of more than three decades in the business, Laser Quest has captured the imaginations of Brits of all ages and has firmly embedded itself within the fabric of British culture.

Within this impressive lineage, Laser Quest Trafford Centre is an iconic entertainment destination that has established strong connections with its surrounding community over the past 20 years. Situated inside one of Manchester’s most popular shopping malls, the Laser Quest Trafford Centre attracts a significant number of visitors with its action packed laser tag offering. Up until 2019, their other attraction was a rotating and tilting climbing wall with the main purpose of keeping people busy while they were not playing laser tag. For two decades, Laser Quest offered these two attraction as a bundle to their customers and it sustained their simple yet effective business model.

When the climbing wall at Laser Quest Trafford Centre reached the end of its lifespan, the team, led by General Manager Samantha Urmston, faced the challenge of finding a worthy replacement. Their search led them to Valo Motion’s award-winning mixed-reality climbing wall - ValoClimb, an augmented climbing wall that combines physical activity with interactive gameplay.

Two kids are climbing in ValoClimb interactive climbing wall playing the game Climball

It didn’t take long for them to make a decision on ValoClimb as its unique and fresh presentation won them over almost immediately.

“ValoClimb is just so unique, it’s like nothing you’ve experienced anywhere else. Both kids and adults get in there and they just love it”- Samantha Urmston 

Moreover, the staff at Laser Quest was highly impressed with the seamless operation of ValoClimb. Given the high volume of customers they receive, time management is crucial for their business thus requiring attractions that are user-friendly and self-explanatory to minimize any delays. ValoClimb effectively fulfill this requirement, ensuring a smooth experience for both staff and customers.

“ValoClimb is so easy to understand and operate” Urmston said. 

When asked about the key factor influencing their decision, it became evident that the repeatability of ValoClimb played a significant role.“With our old climbing wall, people would climb, it would get hard, and they are done after the first try.” said Samantha Urmston. ValoClimb on the other hand, is more than a novelty for Laser Quest. It has successfully transferred a standard climbing wall into an interactive experience with regular new challenges. 

“There are the people who come specifically for ValoClimb, they’ll just keep playing, two, three, four times.” - Samantha Urmston, General Manager - Laser Quest Trafford Centre

Dive deeper into the impact of ValoClimb, download the full case study and discover how ValoClimb’s extensive augmented-reality game library, seamless technical support and the secret birthday party feature have played an integral role in Laser Quest's success.

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