ValoArena Case Study: Gravity Station, Poland

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Prakhar Sharma
August 1, 2023
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ValoArena at Gravity Station (Stacja Grawitacja) with kids playing inside while some queuing and watching at the entrance

We published a new case study on ValoArena: Gravity Station (Stacja Grawitacja), Warsaw, Poland.

It was 6 years ago when Gravity Station first introduced their indoor adventure park to the bustling city of Warsaw. Today, they proudly operate two more such parks across Poland and continue to redefine the traditional concept of an indoor trampoline park.

In addition to being a hub of adrenaline-filled bouncing excitement, Gravity Station has become an important part of their community. They host physical education sessions for local schools and showcase thrilling performances by professional acrobatic performers that can easily turn into spontaneous, friendly competitions.

Determined to bring their parks into the digital age, Gravity Station has been at the forefront to embrace the revolutionary technology of ValoJump and ValoClimb. These attractions, featured across all three locations, have transformed regular trampolines, air tracks, and climbing walls into interactive, award-winning experiences that turn players into superheroes.

Recently, Gravity Station added the world’s first mixed reality playground - ValoArena, to their already impressive line-up in Warsaw. This unattended game arena, which merges physical activity with high-quality video games for up to 6 players at once, has proven to be such a sensation that they eagerly plan to extend this offering across their other locations.

“It's the Rolls Royce of our industry.”
- Denis Zemund, Founder, CEO & Co-owner, Gravity Station
6 kids playing mixed reality attraction, ValoArena, at Stacja Grawitacja (Gravity Station) with a lot of kids queuing to play

Denis Zemund, the CEO of Gravity Station, was instantly intrigued when Valo Motion announced the release of ValoArena. The prospect of a virtual game arena that did not require any wearables, such as headsets, was too exciting for him to ignore, despite their recent commitment to a competing product.

“Oh my gosh. I want this. I want this immediately. Everybody was happy. Everybody on my team agreed - ValoArena is an amazing product."  These were Denis' first thoughts when he finally experienced ValoArena firsthand, after a year-long wait.

Denis' belief in the crucial role of Virtual Reality (VR) in the future of entertainment is evident. Gravity Station now hosts two types of immersive arenas side-by-side within their premises: one using headsets and the other, the fully-automated, headset-free ValoArena.

“When it comes to our capital expenditure, we've spent similar money on both solutions, and Valo Motion is definitely winning for me”  Denis said, comparing his experiences with the two immersive entertainment arenas at the Gravity Station indoor adventure park in Warsaw.
4 kids and an adult playing immersive game, Runway Zero of ValoArena the unattended mixed reality attraction

Denis is particularly impressed by the sheer quality of ValoArena and even vouches for its ease of use by calling the attraction “idiot-proof”. Moreover, the variety of high-quality mixed-reality games like Groundfall and Runway Zero, are loved by kids and keeps the players coming back for more.

“ValoArena is really, really cool because you got quick games, you got one-minute, two-minute, three-minute games,”  says Denis, “People love that. It's simple.”
6 kids play Groundfall game, the floor is lava game version of ValoArena

To learn how Gravity Station is navigating the digital transition in the amusement industry and why Denis is such a fan of Valo Motion attractions (and service!), download the free case study here.

PS. Find out how many calories Denis burnt when he casually played ValoArena for just 40 minutes!

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