What makes a workplace special for our Head of Sales, Sven?

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June 27, 2023
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Valo Motion Head of Sales Sven Rösch attending AMLEX Japan, event for active indoor games and attractions.

7 years ago, Sven Rösch was working in his previous job and attending a business event in Helsinki. Right when he was walking through the event venue, something caught his eye. Someone had brought a climbing wall to the event.

He couldn’t resist – climbing had been one of his passions for years. As a climbing instructor, one of his personal goals had been to get people to try out climbing. Bringing a climbing wall to an indoor event seemed to attract people!

After Sven went climbing the wall at the venue himself, he got to see a real size recording of his climbing performance. The enthusiastic guy dressed in skateboard style, who presented this mixed-reality climbing game to Sven, was the founder and CEO of Valo Motion, Raine Kajastila.

Today, Sven works at Valo Motion as Head of Sales. Let’s dig a little deeper into the story of how Sven started working at Valo Motion and why he finds the company a special workplace for a sales professional!

3 things that make Valo Motion a special workplace for a sales professional:

#1 Big purpose: Get people moving with mixed-reality sports games

“I have been a climber for 20 years I also met my wife in climbing, so it’s a big part of my life. I had always felt that bringing new people to climbing is very meaningful. People wouldn’t often try climbing because it was scary for them. But the joy and pride you see sparkling in their eyes when they try and succeed for the first time – that was something,” Sven describes.

When Sven met Raine at the event, there was one thought in Sven’s mind.

“I thought that this mixed-reality game is how to bring people to try climbing at scale. At the same time, I wanted to join a smaller company and develop it from the ground up. Getting to know Raine, I got a chance to start with the same sales tasks that we’re hiring for right now. And here I am, 7 years later”, Sven says with a smile.

#2 Interesting business run by an enthusiastic team

In his current role, Sven builds a sales organization for Valo Motion. Our company is growing organically in the global markets through direct sales and channel partner networks. There is a lot of demand for Valo Motion's sports games in activity parks, sports venues, and other indoor spaces where families come to enjoy time together.

“During my 7 years at Valo Motion, I have learned that you have to build a sales organization that fits the company’s mission. In our case, indirect channel sales and direct inbound sales are vastly different from each other”, Sven describes.

Right now, Valo Motion’s sales team is being developed with new, focused roles and responsibilities. There are dedicated people focusing on building the channel networks, and right now we’re looking for people to strengthen our direct sales.

“In our industry, word of mouth is crucial, and direct sales is a lot about listening, solving specific problems, and helping people to find great solutions. When I started, my professional background magically matched up with my personal passion. When I’m now hiring people for my team, I genuinely value people-centricity, positivity, and curiosity the most. Sales processes and our business can and will be learned”, Sven says.

Sven, Head of Sales in Valo Motion, plays Climball game in the augmented reality wall ValoClimb.
“I have been a climber for 20 years – I also met my wife in climbing, so it’s a big part of my life” - Sven Rösch, Head of Sales, Valo Motion

#3 Great opportunities for learning and professional growth

It is clear that Sven himself is a great example of professional growth at Valo Motion. As the company grows, these opportunities increase and the people who join the team get to grow along different paths according to their strengths in sales.

“From our current sales roles, I see 3 different growth directions where you could develop your career. Direct Sales Manager would be a professional in creating new business. Account Manager would be more revolved around existing business and taking care of large accounts. Leader in sales would run a team and look after our international partner network. All of these growth paths are equally valued”, Sven thinks.

Right now, Sven is preparing to travel for two weeks to trade shows in Japan and other parts of Europe. These trade shows, and partner and client meetings are something our team has a chance to attend yearly – and important channels to build our networks. 

“I’ve myself studied intercultural communication and see building relationships with people as the greatest strength in sales work. Sales are not about the short-term thrill of a win – on the contrary, it's about collaborating with people long term,” Sven says.

From Sven as a leader, you will get proper training and introduction to Valo Motion’s business and sales work in the company – you’ll not be left alone.

“I promise to offer great tools for success in sales, as well as clarity in your role. Eventually, I appreciate people knowing their own field of expertise better than me. As a leader I strive to give them exactly the environment they need to flourish”, Sven says.

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