What is our cherished culture like at Valo Motion?

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February 8, 2023
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Our Lead Designer, Anibal Santos and CEO, Raine Kajastila discussed what our culture is like at Valo Motion.

“When you are hired to our team, you are seen and supported as the expert in your field. You are trusted to take your ideas and initiatives forward, and given feedback and support,” says Anibal Santos, who has been working at Valo Motion as Lead Designer for 2,5 years.

If you are looking for a new job, and choosing a team to join, you want to get a glimpse behind the scenes of your potential future work community and its culture. So here you go! 

Valo Motion’s positive-minded Founder & CEO Raine Kajastila says that Valo Motion’s culture is built with intention, and it’s something we want to preserve in the midst of global growth.

Since we started to build Valo Motion, we have been looking for long-term solutions. We are growing the business steadily and organically – we are not VC-backed or intending to sell the company away soon. It’s important for us to build a workplace where we enjoy working in the long run, and also focus on hiring the right people that match the culture,” says Raine.

What is Valo Motion’s culture like, Anibal and Raine? 

3 facts about Valo Motion’s culture

#1 Freedom of action and high level of ownership

“The level of ownership is high in our culture. What is more, I feel like I can see the impact of my own work almost immediately. In our 25-person team, we can push new ideas and implement them fast without any kind of micromanagement,” Anibal describes.

“I feel like I can see the impact of my own work almost immediately.”

Our team is right now looking for an HR person to join us. The level of ownership will be true in the HR role, too. You will have the ability to create and take new initiatives forward. The kind of initiatives that will help our culture thrive, and prepare our team for growth. You don’t just have to focus on quick fixes. 

“In the team, you can get to know anyone, participate, give ideas and help our company to grow in meaningful ways,” says Raine.

“One thing I admire about Raine as a CEO is that he knows that his job is most of all to allow you to do your best work as an expert. He doesn’t put hurdles in front of you, but he helps you to move forward,” Anibal says.

#2 Curiosity drives us 

“From my point of view, I feel like I’m allowed and given enough time to explore new ideas and be curious,” Anibal says.

Curiosity is one of Valo Motion’s company values. In some cases curiosity is just a fancy word, and in reality you don’t have enough time to actually be curious towards new ideas. But in our everyday life at Valo Motion, we really mean it. For us, curiosity means that you are allowed to take time and focus on a new idea to find out if it could work. There is no pressure to not try something if it feels worth testing. 

“Our work at Valo Motion is also very varied for a curious person to learn new things.”

“I have my background in academic research, so for me curiosity comes pretty naturally. After all, working in our team is all about creating something new! Our work at Valo Motion is also very varied for a curious person to learn new things. For example, any of us can hop downstairs from our office to test out a new activity game at our showroom and share ideas on that,” Raine comments.

#3 Our value-led mission is visible in everything we do 

“Our mission is to allow people to find the joy of physically moving. Our games allow them to move in a way that they didn’t know would be possible. It’s inspiring to be able to add the digital point of view to inspiring people to move,” says Anibal.

Anibal testing one of our products, ValoClimb, at Valo Motion's Showroom

Raine says that conveying the message of a healthy lifestyle to the world, and being serious about fun are also values that many of our team members share. We believe that by empowering people to move will help them live healthier and happier lives. 

“We believe that by empowering people to move will help them live healthier and happier lives.”

That’s why we’ve dedicated the past 6 years to creating immersive experiences that get people moving while having tons of fun. Since 2016, we’ve recorded more than 50 million games played globally!

“After all, our products are serious business tools, but still they are most of all created for people to have fun,“ Raine says.

Many people in our own team also love sports, games and outdoor activities themselves.

“Not everyone, but quite many people in our team share the love for sports. There are a lot of climbers in our team. Movement is a huge thing personally for me, too. I like dancing and going to the gym”, Anibal says.

“I would say that we are a curious bunch of people that all have passion for something, games, sports, or whatever it is. And we are eager to build new things together,” Raine thinks.

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